Reviews for Benihana in Coral Springs, FL

Chenita Mosley 1 year ago

What an awesome time I had on Tuesday during Happy Hour. The waitress Ashley was simply amazing. She was attentive to all my... needs . Great customer service. Definitely will be back for round two!!! Oh and by the way the drinks were phenomenal! Read more

Jamie W 1 year ago

We had a lovely experience at this Benihana! Server Louis (Lewis?) and Chef Xavier were very hospitable and patient. I know at a... place like Benihana, it can get very busy and crazy, so I appreciated their attention to retail and great customer service. Keepup the great work, Benihana Coral Springs! Read more

Kristin 1 year ago

Ooof, it's hard to give this place a rating this low when it seems like the employees are trying so hard to make things work for... management that doesn't provide proper leadership. We were visiting family on vacation celebrating my sister going away tocollege - when specifically asked if we were in celebrating anything, this is what we told our server. We had our orders takenand didn't see anyone again until our hibachi chef came out. We had to let him know that we had yet to receive any soup orsalad. He made sure to let someone know but, went ahead and started cooking anyway. When the salads finally came out, none ofthem had dressing on them and they needed to be collected and brought back out again later on. The show was lackluster at best.You could easily tell that no employee there was in good spirits and our chef was the same. He cracked a few jokes in thebeginning but eventually became silent as he went through the motions. There was no flipping eggs into hats, catching shrimp inour mouths, or onion volcanoes to keep the the fun going. We did get an onion volcano as a very last effort right before leavingthe table...which seems to be a waste of food but hey, that's not why I'm here. The cart prepper had also not properly preppedthe meal cart and we had wrong items on the grill. This caused the chef to have to stop and find out what was going on whileHalf the table that had scallops watched as they became severely overcooked. We were barely into our meals when our serverasked about dessert. We all said that we needed more time as we just started to dig in but, he was adamant that he needed to putit in now. Half the table ordered and the other half was firm about needing more time and he said he'd come back. He didn't.The next time we saw him was when he was delivering dessert... which he had gone ahead and chosen a flavor of ice cream forthose who didn't order. His effort seemed genuine so, I don't fault him. There was no celebration or even Read more

Aruna Lien 1 year ago

Service was excellent!!! Saw 3 of my past students..they work there and I couldn't be more proud of them!!! Thank you Savanna... for making me and my family so special and taking care of us with your top class service! And to the Chef...you wereamazing..and the food of course was the star...as always! The cocktails were excellent as well! Read more

Burnzone A.L. 1 year ago

I’ve always loved Benihana‘s and enjoyed the food, but unfortunately this review is going to be mixed. Our waiter was... phenomenal. Very pleasant and took time to get to know each and everyone of us at the table. That food was good and theentertainment was sensational. Unfortunately. There was only one email server in the entire location. It took us 40 minutes justto even give our order once we were seated at the table. 50 minutes once seated to even get a drink. I understand that placesare understaffed after Covid. But I do hope that you will at least pull a manager out on the floor to work when you’re thisshort staffed. Or people will not want to come again. :/ Read more

TCatz Meow 1 year ago

My first time at this restaurant and I loved it. The food was amazing ???? and the show the chef performed was very... entertaining. My only dislike was the price of the drinks, which was over priced in my opinion. Read more

Rashad Jackson 2 years ago

Too much butter! But the tenderness and flavor of the meats are cooked to perfection. The cocktails are horrible. One should not... pay that much for those drinks. The quality of the drinks were definitely lacking. I ordered tow old fashioned drinks and eachwas totally different. Neither had a cherry, and the second drink had an orange slice (the first didn't). Read more

Nathan ILL (Nathan) 2 years ago

Would I come again? No Why? It’s too much money for a show, not enough flavor for a large amount of food. I tend to stay away... from chain establishments to be honest but I’ve always wanted to try it. I did enjoy the show, don’t get me wrong. But onecan find cheaper and more tasteful hibachi elsewhere. Read more