Reviews for Subway in Crosslake, MN

Dave Jaskela 1 year ago

Don't like subway that much. Food seems to processed.

Angie Campbell 1 year ago

Simple, clean store, smells like Subway

Jason Makoutz 1 year ago

Great portions compared to Subways I've been to in the past. 3 employees made the process quick.

Stanley Shaw 2 years ago

Subway absolutely categorically SUCKS. I was going to ask if my coupon was any good. Some places take them and others don't.... This place say the don't take any coupons. How do they say in business. They won't be getting any of anytime soon. Read more

Mary Sermeta 2 years ago

Those employees really aim to please. I'm glad to see that there's a tip jar at the register finally! They deserve tips!

Tim 2 years ago

Always good! I usually order online and it's always smooth and great. Sandwich is ready in 15 minutes or so and you swing in and... grab it. I've probably ordered a dozen times from here and they always get the ingredients, sauces, etc. correct. Quick foodoptions are sparse around here, so it's great to have a place here for a reliable, good sandwich! Read more

Peggy Juergens 2 years ago

I've gone to this church as a visitor for over 60 years. My how it has grown. I went often as a child, but have not been in the... area for many years. What a beautiful new building, and friendly community of worshipers. Was so nice to be there again Read more

Scott Gallaway 3 years ago

Went in to get several sandwiches yesterday evening. Only one sandwich artist working @ 5:30 pm. I was third in line. Online... order came in he stopped what he was doing an made those 2 sandwiches came back to the person in front of me and another onlineorder came in and he started making that order. Total of 15 minutes and I add I?m still second in line. I asked why he wasdoing the other orders before the people in line he said he had too. I left and went to the Breezy Point Subway. They had 2people working and I got my sandwiches in a very timely manner. I won?t go back to the Crosslake subway and neither should you Read more