Reviews for Tuna III in Delhi, NY

Lisa Coster 1 year ago

I never would have expected this kind of quality in a town like Delhi. EXCELLENT food!

Justina Mastrorocco 1 year ago

Awesome display, taste, and service. Probably one of the best places to eat in Delhi

Cullen LaFever 1 year ago

Great place to go out to eat! Reliable food and service. Sushi presentation and quality are especially astounding! I look... forward to the opportunnities I have to enjoy my meals here! Read more

Gee Trieste 2 years ago

The sushi was good, although overpriced, and not enough of it in the dish. I had to order two subsequent rolls to feel... filled. There was no alcoholic beverages, because the license was snafued due to covid, so no Sapporo in that meal. The onlybeer i got was rootbeer. Then there was the unfortunate experience of the cucumber-crab salad; It was a dense mass ofmayonnaise-like paste embedded with tough stringy strands that would not chew into smaller pieces. Crab is supposed to beyielding and slightly fibrous, not tough like a rubber band. I detected no cucumber, but that may have been lost in my effortto chew down the other parts. My recommendation is only order the sushi or maki, they were good. Read more

ShadowPhantom 3 years ago

Although during Covid they mostly operate on takeout, the guy running the restaurant let us in when it was closed and served us... some amazing udon and sushi. Although it took some time to make since they weren't expecting a visit, it was worth the wait. Icant say this was the smoothest sushi experience I had, but it is still worth 5 stars because the food was great, and the guywho let us in was both flexible and had a touch of humor. Would go again! Read more

Amy Pullman 3 years ago

First time eating in a restaurant since COVID-19 shut down everything in March. For safety, we were the only dine-in customers... and we had our temperatures taken upon arrival. Although they had a lot of takeout orders, they made sure to come over andanswer our questions. We ordered vegetarian spring rolls (very crispy), vegetarian gyoza, fried tofu (with a custom vegetariansauce), a dragon roll, eel rolls, chicken tempura, and an avocado peanut roll. The chef accounted for all of our dietaryrestrictions and made delicious food. We wish we could eat here all the time and we highly recommend it to others! Read more

Alisa Patterson 5 years ago

Placed three good orders last Thurs and the food was mediocre at best for the price. Crab tempura was way over cooked and dry.... Chicken teriyaki looked paltry and sad. The avocado roll was good that?s about it. We phoned in our order and said it would be1/2 hour. We gave them more than 40 min and the food still wasn?t done. Seemed flustered at pick up of food and they needed 10more minutes...maybe to over cook the tempura. I don?t know how this place has 4.4 stars. Must be the drunken college kids whowere really hungry. Really pricey and really mediocre. Go to Tokyo or Mt Fuji Read more

Julia Diamond 7 years ago

I went to dinner with a large group of eight and I was the only vegetarian. Even though the chef made a preset menu for the... table, he made sure that each course also had a tasty and interesting vegetarian option for me. The food was delicious andincluded some traditional food as well as some fun fusion. The restaurant is small and relatively quiet, and the flavors arebig! The staff is friendly and the chef makes a point of being available to meet everyone. I would definitely recommend thisrestaurant, especially for groups. Read more