Reviews for Arby's in Denton, MD

James McCracken 1 year ago

Arby's famous roasted beef was well prepared and the new chicken tenders were also tasty

J Lm 1 year ago

Waited 20 minutes for three sandwiches at lunchtime today and Arby's still couldn't get the order right. Never going back.

Natalie Agnew 1 year ago

Good food a bit sloppy. Decent service super busy and under staffed .

jenny southall 1 year ago

Good food good price customer service was exceptional we were out of town so it's always nice to see a friendly smiling face.

Brandon Jones 1 year ago

Very slow service. I was two vehicles back from being able to place my order and it took 21 minutes for me to get my food.. from... a fast food drive thru.. Staff is usually polite and the order is always correct. The last time I came here there was oneemployee who particularly frustrated with the lack of help he had that day. That being said he did not take it out on thecustomer. Read more

Jessica Ellis 1 year ago

I've never seen more than 3 cars in line and they take forever. It's not to cook the fries thoroughly because they're always... underdone. For about the same amount of time and money for better food go to Bullock's down the street. Read more

Kathy M 1 year ago

Staff is very pleasant and helpful. Area is always clean and tidy. My only issue is the taste of the oil for the crinkle fries... -- not changed enough? Read more

Abigail Gower 2 years ago

I order chicken tenders with crinkle fries and a sprite Chicken tenders- had so much grease on them they were about inedible.... And they taste foul Crinkle fries- extremely greasey as well (so we?re my bfs fries) and extremely uncooked. No salt or pepper,nothing. Sprite- taste like straight up static water This place always use to be so good but now that I?ve come back fromcollege they got all these people in there that seem to not know how long to deep fry their tenders and fries. Read more