Reviews for Meta Burger in Denver, CO

Annie Raval 1 year ago

We ordered two different burgers and both were delicious! Good balance of flavors and textures. I wish they would come to the... Northeast. Read more

Veronica Cheatham 1 year ago

This is my first time visiting mad a burger. But it won't be my last! The employees were extremely helpful with what the menu... meant and what ingredients were as well as what they would recommend because they actually ate the food there. Everything we hadwas made fresh and believe me it was truly delicious. The place is very clean and orderly. I recommend this for anyone thatwants to have a vegetarian meal and also anyone that wants to have something healthy that's really really delicious!! Awesomejob meta Burger! Read more

Wesley Dolsen 1 year ago

Shop: empty feeling but has friendly staff. I usually get takeout if I go here. Food takes less than 5 mins usually. I like some... of the sodas here but you can also pop over to the gas station for something else while you wait. Food: Unfortunately allentree dishes have imitation meat (which I would rather not pay a premium for). I paid 4 for these fries and 4 for the sidesalad. Fries are good. The salad is just greens with croutons. I wish there were tomatoes or something besides just supermarketmix. I will need to eat more after this. While the shakes are very good, it's not worth 7$ to me for a small shake. I would loveto see an affordable southwest salad with corn, tomatoes, beans, and avocado. As-is, the only full salad is 11$ and the mainfeature is imitation chicken. Summary: sometimes I get sweet potato fries here and a shake if I'm feeling rich. I would comemore often if they had some non-meat-themed food (salads, grilled veggies, fried tomato sandwiches, etc). Read more

K Gibson 1 year ago

Absolutely delicious!!! We accidentally stumbled upon this place and I am so happy for it. I got the BBQ burger and my son got... the classic both are super tasty, we will definitely be back. Read more

Christopher Ives 2 years ago

I've been here 20+ times. Here's what you should know: The Flatiron Burger is the one to try, but they all have merits. The... fries are thick and good but could be crunchier. The milkshakes are ???? The wings are not at all wings. They are meatballsand no one can convince me otherwise. They do taste good, but they should either rename them or try even a little to make itlook like a wing. Maybe it needs a stick. They could use a carrot stick. I dunno. That's why 1 star is lost. Also - I wish theyhad a small burger. I'd love to be able to order a $3 simple vegan cheeseburger. Read more

Adam Follett 2 years ago

As a fair whether vegitarian this place is perfect. The sandwiches have a whole lot of flavour. There are lots of choices. My... wife got the Western. I got the Aloha. The both packed a punch but my favourite was the hawaiian one. The pineapple mixed withthe onion jam was amazing. We also got the chili cheese fries and they were a pretty big portion. Enough for the two of us.Mouth feel was very close to meat. I would definitely eat this again. Read more

Caitlin Orr 2 years ago

Very tasty and everyone was very nice! The chili cheese fries are to die for. I'm not usually eating vegan but I am very glad we... went here for my brother's birthday. I will come back! Read more

Sagar Shah 2 years ago

Great vegan restaurant with a lot of variety. I would highly recommend the Supernova burger if you like that creamy cheese... flavor on your burgers. I also tried the flat iron but it had too much of a smoky flavor for my taste. Also, I recommend gettingthe garden patty as the normal patty is soy based and tastes more like a beyond burger. I've always been vegetarian so for methe beyond meat doesn't taste good. The waffle fries were fantastic. I wish I got to try more items, but I'll definitely begoing back. I also got the strawberry shake, but I was not a fan. It was way too sweet and tasted a bit like what steviasweetened dessert tastes like (I'm sure it wasn't stevia). Maybe the other flavors would be better but in my opinion the shakewas not worth $7 and I only had two to three sips before tossing. Had it not been for the shake, I would have given it 5stars. Overall the experience was great and I would definitely go back. Read more