Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in D'Iberville, MS

J. Terry McCombs 1 year ago

Totally surprised. Traveling and decided to stop here since we have not eaten at Chili's in several years. Service was... excellent. The food was hot, fresh and came to our table much quicker than we expected. Our burgers were perfect. I don't thinkanything could have been better during this visit. Read more

Marlene Morris 1 year ago

We were in on a Friday so may have been understaffed. But it took the host 15 minutes to acknowledge us. I would have left but I... wanted Southwestern Egg Rolls. So we left, after we stood there for 30 Minutes longer. I won't be back Read more

Kayla Farrell (KLampie) 2 years ago

Walked in and 2 other parties were waiting at the front for a hostess to come to seat them. While now 3 parties were waiting... another party came in and still no hostess in sight. One party left after waiting a few minutes. At that point, I walked backto see if I could find anyone working and there were 3 workers just standing in the back talking and 2 workers standing in theto-go area. I told one of them they have 3 parties waiting to be seated and a worker says yea I know. Someone is coming. I toldhim one party has already left because we were all waiting and he just said yea someone is coming. At that point with that kindof response and ?sense of urgency,? there was no want to even eat there. To have multiple employees standing around talkingwhile having at least 10 people between 3 parties waiting to be seated is terrible service. No wonder chilis are always dead. Read more

Tabitha Strader 2 years ago

Absolutely horrible. Chilis is one of our favorite go to places where we live and this just wasn't food. I ordered the xajun... chicken pasta and sent UT back because the chicken was DRIED and sticking to each other and it looked like it sat under a heatlamb for a while. My son ordered the old timer with no tomatoes and got tomatoes, we ordered 3 teas with no lemon and got lemon.We didn't see our waitress again after we ordered so we didn't get any refills on our drinks nor did anyone ever come by to seehow we were or if we needed anything. We even had to ask the hostess for napkins because we never got any. Usually when you sendsomething back at a restaurant the manager comes by, nope!! Thank goodness we don't live hear so we will never be back Read more

Matthew C 2 years ago

The waiter was trying his best. But the manager and kitchen prioritized to-go orders and have a contract for some Italian... restaurant that is far more important to them than dine in customers. We waited over an hour and half for our food whilewatching a constant stream of order being sent out curbside. There was three small families in the restaurant and all of us hadthe same experience. The waiter should have walked off the job, poor guy. Manager is a joke! Read more

Paul J Przepiorka 2 years ago

Got there on a Sunday night, with a 20 minute wait. Got a text shortly after that the seats are ready. Our hostess sat us down... next to the front door and gave us menus. The waitress arrived to the table very quickly, and we ordered our menu items. Most ofthe food was delicious, with the exception of tea and lettuce. We got what we paid for though, so no surprise there. Read more

Jalisa ?Jalisa? 2 years ago

My server was nice and respectful. The salmon wasn't exactly packing the favor with the sauce. The fries was ok. Basically this... was like a standard fast casual meal. Read more

Eva Biggs (ebiggs21) 3 years ago

They are understaffed like everywhere else. Only using one side of the dining area. One server, one bartender. The staff was... excellent and professional under the circumstances. Food was very good. Wait time on the app was 21 min. Takes us 20min to getthere. Message was sent to us within 5 min that our table was ready. When we arrived we had been put to the end of the line. Wewaited just a few minutes and sat at the bar. Jackbar margarita is so good! We chose the 2 eat for $25. Really enjoyed it. Read more