Reviews for Dodgeville A&W in Dodgeville, WI

Beth Ann 1 year ago

Upon being handed the much anticipated chili dog & opening it, disappointment set in. Sadly, the chili dog was More than just... messy. The bun was broken & soggy. The container had more food on it than the dog did. All the cheese sauce was on the lid. Nota single napkin. No fork. Read more

Mckenna Green 1 year ago

I stopped for a quick bite after work, I was a little sad because they don't let car hop users get mugs unless you but them, ... but my server explain why that is and I understand it now! It's was a great place with great food! Read more

Eric Davidson 1 year ago

Writing this after 45 minutes of waiting for our food. When we pulled up there was a 15-minute wait and we said that was fine.... We then placed our order. In 5 minutes we will have been sitting here for an entire hour since we were told it would be 15minutes. 45 minutes seems like a long time to wait for an order when it doesn't look super busy. Read more

Kristine Ratliff 1 year ago

Young kids running(14yrs old) gave wrong orders. Bathroom disgusting, floors very dirty. Heath department would shut down.

Bethany Helmich 1 year ago

The staff were friendly and the food was good. The place really needs some TLC. The garbage bins were overflowing and there... were cigarette butts gathered against the parking bumps. I and the kids planned to eat inside but there was a sign on the doorthat the lobby was closed. There were dirty mugs sitting outside on one of the trays and the windows around the restaurant werecovered in dust/dirt. The back door is visible from the park-to-order stalls and someone had set several bags of garbage outthere. Because the lobby was closed, I had to ring the order button to get more ketchup and a spoon for the applesauce I hadordered. We sat at the front picnic table area and there were plenty of flies due to the garbage can and discarded food underthe tables. It could really just use a rag and a bucket around the outside and a leaf blower to kick out the debris. Thelandscaping was nice at one point but weeds are taking over. It?s basic stuff, really, and it would make a huge difference inhow the establishment feels. Read more

Benjamin Smith 1 year ago

Building has a strong odor, team seems to try to work together.. the lettuce and tomato were spoiled. burger was an awful mess.... I ate the chicken and discarded the rest. Most of my meal was largely inedible. There are flies on the window sills, the wholebuilding needs scrubbing, the ceiling is leaking. Saddest part: it's one of the only options in this town. I was visiting. Iwill not go back. Read more

Tammy Tutt 1 year ago

Thrilled to find a real A&W drive-in!! This one seemed original. Like a lot of places, staffing was short, but we had pleasant,... quick service with a smile. Even received a pup cup!! Root Beer Float was fantastic, just as I remembered from my childhood. Ireally hope this business can continue to survive the times. It was a highlight of our sight-seeing trip from Missouri! Read more

Kim Mainwaring 1 year ago

I love A & W but the last 2 times I ordered there was hair in my burgers. This last one I couldn't even pull the hair out. It... was cooked in the burger or in between. It was DISGUSTING!! Took it up there to show them and took pictures. Manager wasn'tthere either time and from what I was told she wasn't answering her phone. I was also informed that the people aren't wearinghair nets or wearing there hair up. They put them in ponytails but the hair still flies. I gave them suggestions but obviouslythey didn't listen cuz there still not wearing nets or anything. I will never order from them again Read more