Reviews for Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market in Doral, FL

adrian basante 1 year ago

I cannot call myself a connoisseur of oriented culture, but I am a greater admirer of it. One of the things that have called me... the most curious is its culinary tradition. This is one of the best restaurants that I have had the pleasure to enjoy and Irecommend it 1000 %. Very good service, delicious food with a spectacular presentation, and excellent good service in acomfortable atmosphere. Read more

Gustavo Bakit 1 year ago

Nice food overall. At Dragonfly they offer the chance to make any plate into a full meal by adding salad and soup, which in my... case was a great and easy to taste Miso Soup. The sushi was nothing remarkable, it was very good though. The restaurantenvironment and the customer service was very nice and welcoming. I definitely might advice people to come this restaurant, notto eat the best Japanese food ever, but finding a great balance between good and eye appealing food, gentle attention and a goodenvironment. Those three this make this place a five stars for sure. Read more

Evelio Cuba 1 year ago

Thankful that they were able to sit a group of 6 without a reservation on a Friday night. We were greeted by a very friendly... host that got right to fixing up a table to us. I was very excited to step into the dining room, it's a very cool atmosphere andvibe! Our server was very nice and gave great recommendations for menu items. We appreciated the happy hour drinks until closingtime, we tried the Tropical Saké and Lychee Blaze. The Lychee Blaze was my favorite, almost like a Lychee Martini. The TropicalSaké was okay, but too sweet for my liking. I like that the dinner items come out as they are ready, not all at once. There wasvery minimal wait time between the items coming out. This relieves from the waiting time for all the food to come out at once.For Dinner, we ordered the Sautéed Edamame (better than regular steamed edamame), Maitake Mushroom Fritters, Japanese YucaFries (the pink sauce and tonkatsu sauce are a great addition) and Crispy Chicken Karaage. They were able to accommodate to ourpreference of creating a Sushi Platter with some rolls and a la Carte sushi. We got the Bomb, Smoky Dragon and Black Dragonrolls along with an assortment of Sashimi and Nigiri. For dessert, we elected for the Mochi ice cream. I have to honest and say,it did not meet expectations at all. By far the worse mochi I've cream we've had. The mochi dough was crumbly once you bit intoit, not chewy like it's supposed to be. An 8 year old asked if that was from Walmart, he wasn't a fan. In all, a greatrestaurant that I'm willing to visit again! Read more

Karin Wright 1 year ago

This restaurant has a nice ambiance. The menu options are great. The flavor of the food exceeded my expectations. Good drink... menu as well. Located in the downtown area of Doral. Read more

Eddy Moon 2 years ago

The atmosphere is wonderful. The interior design is truly beautiful, love the decor, the open bar and kitchen. Truly a great... vibe. Drinks were great delicious, they took a bit long to arrive but when they did they were as tasty as they sound in themenu. Great beer selection, some of my favorite Japanese beers were available here, when usually most restaurants don’t havethem. The biggest reason for my 3 star review is the sushi is pretty awful. Some of the most mediocre sushi I’ve ever had inmy life. The appetizers were fine, decent but nothing to write home about. Fried cheesecake was heavenly. I’d say ifyou’re coming for drinks and app’s you’re in the right place, If you want actual sushi please stay away. Read more

Nauman Butt 2 years ago

One of the trendiest restaurants in Miami area. Glad I picked this place, and the reviews are spot on. The staff is just full of... energy and very friendly. We reserved a table for outdoor dining, which they have done a great job decorating. The food isscrumptious and though it’s small plates, the portion sizes are pretty decent. But the cocktails is where I gave them 5/5. Socreative and using the perfect blends of herbs and juices, definitely a great spot for an evening out with friends/family or adate night. PS their happy hour rocks! Read more

Lenny Kleyman 2 years ago

Had a great Poke bowl at Dragonfly today. Salmon and tuna with pickled jalapeños, seaweed salad, avocado and cucumbers... Super... fresh fish, great atmosphere and phenomenal service. I highly recommend visiting if you're in the area. Great food, greatservice, and great outdoor seating... what more can you ask for! Read more

Taydra Fahie 2 years ago

I visited this restaurant when I was in town for work. A good variety of food and drink options were available. I enjoyed the... happy hour specials. The sushi was delicious and did not take long at all and drinks were strong. Would have given 5 stars ifservice was a bit more enthusiastic. Read more