Reviews for Carl's Jr. in Duarte, CA

Carl Gridley 1 year ago

Food was terrible, the tables inside were all dirty and the bathrooms were some of the filthiest I have run across. In fact I... have seen cleaner bathrooms at the public restrooms at the beach. Only good part was the cashier was very friendly and helpful. Read more

Teddy Hart 1 year ago

My order was messed up and by the time I noticed I was on the freeway... The employee with reassured me everything was in the... bag... Wrong it wasn't. My receipt says Christian was the cashier, I will never go back to this Carl's Jr. My order was 3 spicychickens and the 2 for 7 special. Read more

chris mann 1 year ago

Asked for sausage biscuit got bacon. Tots tasted funny like they washed them then fried them. Biscuit was like a cracker. Will... not be going to that one EVER again Read more

You Abdullah 1 year ago

It is one of my favorite places to eat and drink because it has delicious food and beverage and is also a great service

Melissa Rhodes 1 year ago

Team memebers taking orders at this location are very rude. I ordered 2 famous stars with cheese. The girl taking the order kept... hitting combo meal. On her third try I said it's still wrong. She yells at me "I'm busy" I get to the drive through widow. There's no customers inside waiting to order. No car in front of me. I worked at this Carl's Jt in the 1984. My daughter workthere in 2013. Its not hard. No need to yell at the customer because you lack the ability to do your job offecrntly. Read more

Gabriel Aguirre 1 year ago

I went and got a chicken strip meal and when I get home it was chicken stars?? I drive back and before I say what was wrong the... manager tells me your here for chicken strips ? Has em ready and hands them to me I asked for fresh fries sense those are gonnabe cold by the time I get home and she had a nasty lil attitude about that so she got them and they were small rite and I tellher I actually paid for medium then says I can only give u the same as the ones u have or u need ur Receipt? Obviously they gaveme the wrong size the 1st time. I hate that they screw up and then act botherd that I?m asking for what I paid fir after thefact I drove all the way home n back Disappointed get rite or fix ur attitude Read more

gus g 1 year ago

I had the Santa Fe chicken sandwich. It was hot and delicious. Very good. The fries were fresh and tasty. I do wish to commend... the person who took my order and handling the business at the counter. She was very friendly and super polite to all. A greatemployee for Carl's! (I was there on 6/29/22 @ 11:46 am) Read more

R 1 year ago

Stopped at 2:30 am on the way home and as I'm already on the fwy realize they didn't give me what was ordered. The only thing... correct was the beyond patty. Very disappointed, tried to call and nobody answered. Horrible can't even get my money back in thedifference of price for what was given. I do not recommend. Read more