Reviews for Starbucks in Duarte, CA

Regina Quinteros 1 year ago

I had to repeat my order several times and they didn't tell me while ordering that they did not have one of the items or... ingredients for one of the drinks.I waited a long time in line, finally got to the window at which time they told me about theitem they did not have. I said I did not want the other option, but they still handed it to me and said I was already chargedfor it instead of refunding it. Basically, giving me no choice in taking the time. The hot coffee didn?t have a sleeve or wasnot double cupped, the Frappuccino came in an iced coffee cup with no whipped cream, no caramel sauce or Caramel brûléesprinkles. The service is extremely slow and seems overwhelmed or undertrained. Read more

Aaron Woolley 1 year ago

Horrible service at this location. It took them 30 mins to deliver a cookie! The drinks were ok, but the delivery time was... waaay too long. 30 min wait for basic coffee and a cookie for my boy. I had to go up and ask for my drinks and I called out"Order for A.A.-Ron yet"? and they had them... but not the cookie. So I waited 10 more minutes and went back up and waited 5more minutes - the girl knew who I was and looked me in the eye several times but didn't say anything until finally I spoke upagain "how's the cookie for A.A.-Ron coming" and then and only then did the girl tell me "oh its right the on the counter" OMG -she saw me, knew my name and my order and didn't say anything until I spoke up!! Ridiculous. For better service, try anotherlocation. Read more

Lady Lorene South 1 year ago

These Starbuck baristas are the best!!. They know my favorite drink & they make my favorite drink delicious & enjoyable. The... baristas are simply the best!! ???? Read more

Alexus Giamona 1 year ago

I absolutely love this location! They?ve never gotten my order wrong and they?re always friendly and helpful. The ONLY location... I go to for my Venti drinks. You can tell the staff actually enjoy what they?re doing and genuinely care for the customer. Now Ialready drank most of it but this Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Espresso was EVERYTHING! Tried with chocolate cold foam insteadof whip and it?s a game changer lol. Whoever made this? THANK YOU! Read more

Jeannie N 1 year ago

The place need a MAJOR retraining. They are LAZY. Don?t shake the iced tea lemonade bc they?re lazy. I know the difference.... Don?t mix the espresso with the mocha sauce so the sugar is just sitting at the bottom. Amateur and low quality for SB. Likehave some sense. Even when they mess up, they cannot correct the drink order. Very untrained, simple explanation. Not just onetime either, CONSISTENTLY LAZY, wrong, and sloppy plus SLOW. Who makes it wrong and is slow about it???! Read more

Rosie Bocanegra 1 year ago

This is what I got for Venti / shaken expresó with almond milk. I asked why it?s not a full cup? I was told that?s what I get... but she would charge me more if I wanted more milk. So I pay for half an empty cup basically. She just said do you want thedrink or not. Not that the company cares but I won?t spend another dime, since I get more cup then coffee. Read more

Robert Ceballos 2 years ago

I thought I would stop by this location since I was in the area. This location was a bit slow but my drink came out good.... Parking lot was also packed which made it hard to get in and out. Read more

Lake NiteLive 3 years ago

This is my neighborhood Starbucks they really imbody the feel of a local batista. Theresa and Corwin help me start mornings off... right. Even when I order ahead of time they still manage to show the love. Keep up the great work everyone, you have a greatteam!! Read more