Reviews for Ichiban Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar in Dubuque, IA

L L 1 year ago

Great ambiance and food & our server was very attentive. However, we spent about 45 mins waiting for our Love Boat sushi to come... since only one chef can make the sushi boat apparently. We kept seeing other people getting their food before us and it was myhusband?s birthday, so a bit frustrated i would say. Restaurant is fairly busy on a Tuesday night though, so keep that in mindif you have somewhere else to go after, might be a bit of wait so be patient! Otherwise, everything else was very good, we willdef come back! Read more

Todd 1 year ago

I really hate to be the downer on this place?the service was great and the place looks great! But the food did not really... deliver. Maybe we caught the kitchen on a bad night? The yaki soba was very bland and under seasoned. The chicken tasted alittle old and flavorless. I left half of it on my plate with no desire to finish. The sushi rolls were also unfinished. Someof the rolls were overly dry and backed with panko crumbs. They then soaked up way too much soy sauce and were overlysalty. The coconut shrimp roll was good, but the Iowa roll was extremely confusing?part cold and part warm, with a weirdcombination of flavors. I know that the locals like this place, but we left dissatisfied. Read more

Lillie Glenney 1 year ago

Went here with my crew mates and they were so kind and helpful to our big party, both the hibachi chef and our server were... wonderful! The food was delicious and overall it was a fun experience. 10/10 will come back and recommend to other people. Read more

Jorge Rangel 1 year ago

Surprised my wife by brining her here for our anniversary dinner. Best to make reservations like I did for a 6pm time. The cook... was very entertaining and his food cooking skips were a plus. My wife had Filet with chicken with ll the goodies. Vegetables andwhite seasoned rice. Her filet was cook as she wanted and so tender to the bite. I had the shrimp and chicken. Mine was verytasty and plenty of shrimp. Over all the food was delicious and plenty for you to take some home. The remolding is complete andvery inviting. Put this on your list for dinner next time. DBQ, IA Read more

Jamie 2 years ago

This was the first time I ate at this chain restaurant though I first heard about it 20+ years ago. I worked at a non-chain... Japanese Steakhouse in the suburbs of Milwaukee and I must say the quality of the food at Ichiban did not compare! My veggieswere burnt, too much garlic and soy sauce in the fried rice, the shrimp "appetizer" was overcooked - tough and chewy, and myscallops were over-salted as well. My husband said the sushi was decent. The filet mignon did not have that buttery smoothtexture and taste that I remember from the Hibachi grill. It had an odd texture, although the flavor was good. I was so excitedto bring my kids to a restaurant like the one I had worked at from age 14 and into my early 20s when home from college.Overpriced for sure! Don't think we will be back. The only bright spot was the show by the chef. Read more

kitty cat 2 years ago

Most delicious salmon sushi EVER! Noticed when it hit the table the thick white bands of fat in the fish. Savory and... melt-in-your mouth goodness! I've eaten sushi in Hawaii before and this is the first restaurant that is matched thatquality. Pictured: Salmon Roll, Dragon Ball (crab, avocado) Read more

Randy 2 years ago

I got the steak hibachi and although it had a bit of fat, it tasted delicious. The miso soup was good as expected. They gave all... lot of food and we got leftovers. The place had a good atmosphere and it wasn?t busy. But my favorite part was the cook was thecook who was very entertaining. I look forward to coming back soon in the future. If I were to come again I would try thechicken hibachi. Without a doubt I give this place 5 stars. Read more

Olen Pepple 2 years ago

We as a family eat a lot of Japanese food and are a bit of connoisseurs. Ichiban is not number one as the name says, not even... close. Service was bad; the lady that seated us had a horrible attitude. I almost walked out after speaking with her. Theserver only worked one end of the table, we had to pass everything to that side and vice versa. Food was horrible; the shumaiwas soft and disgusting, the tempura shrimp was not cooked through, the sushi tasted like it was left out over night, the udonnoodle soup was flavorless, and the sashimi was room temperature. The only redeeming quality of this experience was thejalapeño appetizer,which was pretty good, hence the extra star. We had a large group of 8 and although I know that makesthings complex for the restaurant, I expected better, especially at the ridiculously high price. If this is what people in theMidwest have to settle for when it comes to Japanese food then I truly feel sorry for them all. I would not recommend Ichiban toanyone for anything and would rather eat at Taco Bell (being the worst place I can think of) than suffer this place again. Read more