Reviews for Apostle Supper Club - Duluth in Duluth, MN

Amanda Cunningham 1 year ago

We are locals in Duluth and finally had a chance to make it out to the Apostle Restaurant for a date-night and were beyond... impressed!! Not only was the view incredible, with the Christmas lights of Bentleyville, our server Tony was delightful andattentive. It was fascinating to reminisce about the history of the famous rotating restaurant on top of the Raddison building.Our food was top-notch with the BEST cheese fondue I have ever had. The salmon was as good as it gets!!! Got too full fordessert- so can’t wait to go back! Read more

Brandi Latham 1 year ago

My husband and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary at the Radisson in Duluth and dined at the Apostle Supper Club. The service... was amazing and we were lucky enough to have Ethan as our server! The food was beyond amazing and the views were spectacular! Read more

R. Davis 1 year ago

I’ve been around Duluth long enough to have eaten here in its former incarnations as both JJ Astor and Top of the Harbor and I... had always been underwhelmed by the food and felt they relied upon the view to draw patrons. I noticed it had been renamed,remodeled, and seemed to be under new management. I made date night reservations and it was finally the dining experience I’vebeen waiting on - literally for years! I do recommend reservations - the system through their website was easy and userfriendly. The new style/decor is fun and on a Friday night they seemed to be running smoothly; we were greeted and seated withinminutes. I saw another review mentioning they were there within days of opening and things were running rough - based on ourexperience they’ve hit their stride and the kinks have been smoothed out. We had Candace and she was wonderfully helpful. Wewere delighted with everything we ordered. LOVE that they have a mocktail menu and that the bartender put thought and effortinto them and thus the mocktails are more sophisticated and complex than just sprite and grenadine. The peach rose was so goodand the Hope-ade was both good and intriguing - I must try the cardamom and mint combo at home. My date said his prime rib wascooked to perfection and my chicken pickle - while intimidatingly huge upon arrival - was just damn good. And the pickles doindeed taste homemade. They need one of those “flip this switch if the bathroom needs attention” lights, they were out ofpaper towel in the ladies room. We’ll definitely be back to try more! Read more

Kurtis Kissell 1 year ago

We were here for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. What a great time. We had reservations, you will need them. Tony was our server,... been here 30+ years, and it shows. Knew the menu, recommended items and was very attentive. We started out with drinks and thedeviled egg flight and the house made Chips and Dip. (Good choice on the chips Tony) Main course was the Ribeye with BrusselSprouts & Chicken n' pickle with shredded Au Gratin Potatoes. We were so full that we got an Irish Coffee and Amaretto Coffeefor dessert. The bar did a great job with the drinks. - Bottom line: People were great, Bar was great, the food was very goodand the Kitchen was fast for a busy Wednesday night. Read more

Emily Lee 1 year ago

We just had the most delicious meal here for our anniversary. The decor is phenomenal and the food is amazing. Even the passion... fruit lemonade was outstanding. We can't wait to go back. Ask for Tony's section --he's the best! Read more

Matthew M 1 year ago

I was excited to try this place after looking it up, particularly for the deviled egg flight. What we got served was nothing... short of nightmare fuel (see attached photo). The food was bland, the fried chicken was so dry it stuck to the back of mytongue for 20 minutes, and there are several large spiders making their homes in the windows (makes me wonder how many insectsthere are to keep them so well fed). This was supposed to be a whimsically nostalgic tour of food, but instead ended up a 2hour carousel of horror while I slowly got sunburned trying to make the best of a meal that could give a neighborhood potluck arun for it’s money. I don’t know which was worse, the sour stomach I got, or the nearly $200 bill for food that would bebetter homemade, but I had lots of time to think it over with the hour I spent on the toilet at 4am. I don’t know how thisplace fell so hard so fast, but it’s almost a crime how bad it is for the price you pay, and no, it’s not worth the view. Save your time, money, and toilet paper and go literally anywhere else in Duluth. Read more

Caitlin Zatroch 2 years ago

We tried dinner at the totally revamped JJ Astor’s…the Apostle Supper Club. To be completely clear, our visit was on the 6th... day they were open. Always start with the positive. The management seems super pleasant. We’ll touch on that again later. Theambiance is also delightful. It’s still the normal rotating restaurant, with some tidily revamped decor. I love the midcenturyvibe, furniture, and food choices. My grandma would have felt right at home here. The less-positive…they are definitelyhaving opening kinks. The night we were there, they had double booked everyone due to a technology error. They were booking ontwo different reservation systems and yikes. They ended up having a paper waiting list for those of us who had reservations. Wegot a drink and sat in the “lounge”. Why I can’t be served food in the lounge is kind of beyond me. At least snacks? Therewere side tables with many of the seats and I feel that we could have been served, perhaps. We did get some drinks and settledin for our wait. The bartenders seemed overwhelmed and slow, and our drinks, although delicious were inconsistent. The first andsecond Tom Collins didn’t taste the same. The wait staff is…green. A table next to me tried to flag down a passing hostess(not a waitress) for salt, and she told them they needed to ask their server when she came back. Um, what? The waitress we had,however, was phenomenal. So, hit and miss. Once we were seated, our server got us settled with another cocktail and somefondue. It was delicious. Thick and tasty. My one complaint is that it was served with forearm-sized broccoli trees. Maybe somemore bite-sized, eat with a fork foods? The salad that came with the entrees was sad. Wilted romaine and overripe tomatoes. Butthen entrees came! For entrees, we got the Chicken & a Pickle and the Chicken Fried Lobster. Both were delicious and generouslyportioned. If I was to order one again, it would be the chicken. The pickles taste like they’re made in hou Read more

Monika Jaeger 2 years ago

The view at JJ Astor’s is wonderful, the rotating floor is a great way to see Duluth as you dine. It reminds me of the former... restaurant in downtown St. Paul called the Carousel. While the atmosphere of the restaurant is great, the brunch menu is quitesubpar. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of Perkins quality food. I ordered the avocado toast and Turkey bacon, and the bread wassupposed to be sourdough, and it certainly didn’t takes like it was sourdough. Very bland. The Turkey bacon was also simply asausage patty, very small and lacking flavor again. I felt really bad for our server, as they were short staffed and she seemedlike a newer employee as she kept forgetting to bring things to the table. I think if the upped the quality of the menu of thisrestaurant it could really have some potential. Read more