Reviews for Beijing Restaurant in Duluth, MN

Luke Neiman 1 year ago

Wontons and steamed dumplings were great! Went back, and the sweet and sour chicken was mostly alright, but a couple of pieces... of chicken were tough and chewy, and kind of gross. The wontons were great again. Read more

naomi larson 1 year ago

I just ordered chicken fried rice and it was mushy and I ordered egg fu young (beef) and the smell was atrocious, like rotten... meat and the chicken chow mien that was ordered was tasteless.Very disappointed and had to throw it all away and the egg rollshad a stench as well that is too bad. Would not recommend. Read more

Greta Hill 1 year ago

The food is fantastic and the service was amazing. The employees were all very sweet.

Ashley Krois 1 year ago

Ordered shrimp and veggies and got a side of heart burn and dead flies. Called to complain and they thought they had me on hold,... but I heard them laughing about it the whole time. This place used to be my go to but this experience has made me decide this ismy last time getting food from here. Read more

Mindy Ondich 1 year ago

Not the Beijing I remember, but still good. I miss the meat wontons.. Food was good, our order was slightly wrong, one thing we... ordered was swapped for something else, but I didn't notice until we were 20 miles away. Not a huge deal since it was stillgood. Can't dine in yet. Read more

Gerald McKee 1 year ago

Standard Chinese take out. Good portions, tasted fine. Its time to open to dine in.

Gwyn Simpson 1 year ago

You gotta be kidding me I was just hung up on when I called this restaurant to complain about the food, that I had ordered the... night before, that I paid $53, plus delivery! I called to explain to them that I wanted my money back because the food that Ireceived was not edible, and the woman said she wouldn't refund my money, because their system does not allow it, What?! Iordered sweet-and-sour chicken I got sweet-and-sour sauce on the side to stir in myself, into this container. I orderedpork fried rice, I received Brown rice just maybe white rice with soy sauce poured into it and stirred in to look like Brownrice. I ordered beef lo mean, noodles were gummy and sauce tasted like dishwater. I also ordered pork egg foo Yung, so saltyit wasn't edible. I'm contacting my cc card company next.. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BAD FOOD! Never had bad oriental food beforethis. First time for everything. Could have purchased a couple of T-bones and shrimp for less. I won't go back and forth notrecommend thus resteraunt! Read more

Ashley Brown 1 year ago

Do not go here if you value your stomach and not want to be on the toilet. We ate here once and noooo. The food was bland rice... was looking like someone Cooked in a non stick skillet and not in a wok. The food we got was Mongolian beef and it was saturatedin fat and just literally 000 flavor. I could not eat it. Read more