Reviews for Cold Stone Creamery in Duluth, MN

ryan schwoch 1 year ago

The workers at place are ridiculously rude. They act as if service is a burden. Additionally the dining area was dirty and... workers were not wearing gloves while touching hair and face just prior to making ice cream. Read more

Jennifer Peterson 1 year ago

Really busy tonight but the 2 workers kept up the flow!

Lady Jade 1 year ago

Stopped in on July 3rd. Line nearly at the door. Only ONE guy working. Tony was awesome at keeping the line moving all with a... smile on his face and a great attitude. Shame on management for poor staffing on a holiday weekend. Great job Tony Read more

Muyuan He 1 year ago

The coffee ice cream is amazing!

Sara Lynn 1 year ago

This is the second time we?ve been to this location recently and the workers here are ridiculous. The guy was making my stuff... and I asked him if it was the one I asked for and both the workers said yep?. And if wasn?t. But I don?t have the energy toargue with people. My husband got some also but his was very plain even tho I asked for extra fudge. The lady at the registerseemed to be very fidgety and very erratic. And the prior time we were there we waited at least 10 or more mins for two girls tocome out of the back and help us. Ice cream is good but the service isn?t. Read more

Noob Nation 2 years ago

They mixed the people before us and after us but just put our add ins on top of our ice cream....? My waffle cone mix in was one... huge chunk. Disappointed Read more

Severin Chandler 2 years ago

I'm a long time customer of Cold Stone Creamery and really enjoy their ice cream. This post is not about the ice cream but in... regards to the poor customer service of the staff at this location the day I visited. After waiting in line for 20 minutes Iasked if I could order a shake. The staff member I was speaking with said "Our shake blenders are dirty so I can't make you ashake. I would have to clean a blender but that will take time and there is a line of people behind you". That statement to mewas very confusing because I assume their blenders get "dirty" after each time they use one for an order. To me this commentcame off as "If you're not going to order ice cream then I can't help you with any other options on our menu." I've worked inrestaurants before so I can appreciate having to deal with a line of customers. However, turning down a customers order fromyour restaurant's menu because you don't want to fill a food order that may take a little more time than a simpler order is notcustomer service. Making me feel like I'm inconveniencing the staff by ordering a shake on the menu is ridiculous. Pleaseeducate your staff on customer service. Read more

Rudy Martinez 3 years ago

Best ice cream around. But their workers are suepr rude. You can feel that they hate there job. Why work with people if you... don?t like people. Again love there Ice cream dislike the service. Definitely recommend! Read more