Reviews for Subway in Duluth, MN

James 1 year ago

It's been a while since I had food at Subway since I became a Herbivore so, one day I went into Subway to see if they could make... a vegan sandwich for me. I had all the toppings with two sauces and it was cheaper than a regular footlong sandwich. Read more

Britt L 1 year ago

Got a yummy meatball sub best place to get a quick bite to eat

Ken Stanley 1 year ago

Travis is my favorite sandwich artist, he always makes a sub to my specific wishes!

Brian Isaacson 1 year ago

Not impressed with the new menu. Same subs just different names.

Winona Ness 2 years ago

Veggies are more often than less soggy, bread runs out alot, no management on at night, one employee wears sandals and socks to... work, lack luster trapped employees who work for a dictator who refuses to let anyone grow within the company..random shut downsof the store for vanity purposes, no subway protocol is actually followed. No hope. Expensive. Rude. Read more

Crystal Peterson 3 years ago

I just order door Dash for subway, I did not get my ranch or chipotle sauce on any of my sandwiches I ordered. I asked for both... of us sandwiches to be toasted, and both breads were the wrong bread orders. I do not recommend Read more

hairrr4life 4 years ago

I bought a 12 pack of cookies and i asked the bigger guy if i could get them fresh and I'm okay with the wait. He said no... rudely. I go there everyday almost and spend money and then today I went over there at 8 45 and he said he was already closedthe same big guy even though I go there every day and spend MY MONEY there. Very upset with him I thought it was eat fresh wellguess you can't have fresh cookies Read more

Dan Pfister 6 years ago

I will not be visiting this Subway ever again. I went in for a late dinner and it was a horrible experience and I left with a... sandwich that wasn't even edible. When my sandwich was being wrapped up I was told "you might need a fork" as vegetables werefalling off it. I would not recommend this Subway. Read more