Reviews for Subway in Durand, WI

Darrick Hinrichs 1 year ago

Very poggers. Didn't see bbq sauce.

Nicole Parker 1 year ago

Avoid this subway! When I walked in, there was nobody at the counter (not a big deal). About 5 minutes later a woman goes... behind the counter and told me that she told the man she works with to tell me to leave because she didn?t feel good. (this samewoman was outside in the parking lot smoking and hanging out with several people when we pulled in). She even threw the F wordaround several times while ordering our sandwich. She was by far the rudest and most unprofessional person I have evermet. Workers workers are hard to find, but they aren?t needed if they tell customers to leave. Read more

Nathan Traun 2 years ago

Good food sometimes, but way to often, there are dried out buns and it is way to expensive and not worth it.

John Daniel 2 years ago

People were kinda sloppy. Apparently they forgot to bake bread was only able to have flat bread or a wrap.

Ara Bauer 4 years ago

I will never order a sandwich from this location again ordered one this with directions specifically and I get some screwed up... nasty looking sandwich I will not even eat ty. Durand Read more

Delia Guajardo 5 years ago

This subway was in a convenience store and I wasn't impressed with their layout. Drinks were way across the store and hard to... find. They don't give your meal all in one place. The place is mediocre and I don't think I will ever stop there again. Read more

christian jasmer 5 years ago

Had the steak and cheese here and chomped on huge Bone fragments. Talked to the owner and he said that sucks.. he doesn't care... about paying customers. Stay as far away from this one as you can. I would recommend the DQ down the road instead! Read more


I would like to rate it negative 5 stars. On Thursday night about 7pm or so, Lacy was working. I ordered a sub and was in the... process of getting my veggies on my sandwich. I hadn't finished my order yet, and she proceeded to bag my sandwich. I said toher I wasn't finished yet, and She heard me but continued to bag my stuff and gave me a look like "Too Bad. I don't care". So Ileft. I hadn't been to that store in 4 years and I doubt I will ever go there again with the most rotten customer service fromLacy. This is Angela Johnson, I am just logged in on this account. Read more