Reviews for Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza in Eagan, MN

Zach Foell 1 year ago

Went in on a Saturday and the kitchen was quite understaffed. Upon entrance it took a while for the staff to even acknowledge... us. We put in a pretty simple order that was messed up and we were unable to get a refund. The kitchen was in need of cleaningand the overall experience was far from enjoyable. Read more

Terrie Pearson 1 year ago

We ordered a family size chicken artichoke bacon pizza on thin crust today at around 4:30. It was the best pizza we have had.... Covered with ingredients. It was beautiful. Thank you to who ever made our pizza. Read more

Donna Panushka 1 year ago

Tuesday is 10.99 pizza.the chicken/bacon is great.freshly made.

Anna Burnham 2 years ago

Papa Murphy's is such a great idea - we love that we can pick up a pizza early and then just keep it in the fridge until we want... to bake it, or bake it right away. This location is a good location, the employees are friendly and make the pizzas in a timelymanner, and the pizzas always taste great! They do close kind of early though. Read more

Miku Fan USA 2 years ago

When the kids were small, Papa Murphy's pizza were Godsends - being able to purchase a pre-prepared freshly made by hand pizza... to throw into the over later in the evening was such a time-saver! But the kids are long gone now, and so recently I wanted tosee if much had changed at Papa Murphy's. It hadn't! I tried a "stock" pizza off their newer menu - a deep dish "ChicagoStyle" pizza. I was intrigued. $22, which included a tip, and prepared for me in about 5 minutes while I waited. I orderedthe largest size, a "Family Size" deep dish. The pizza was about 5 lbs of ingredients, and the staff carefully walked methrough how to bake it. Fantastic people there! The pizza baked great, as my photos show. What you can't see is that we addedsauercraut to the top (cause it goes well with beer), and also some bacon bits I had handy. The pizza "puffed up" as it baked,to be about 2 inches thick!!!! Seriously, a LOT of pizza. I have had 3 meals with it already! Next time, probably not a"family size" for 2 people, unless you like left-overs! I give Papa Murphy's on Cliff Road high marks for speed of preparationof my pizza, cleanliness, great and helpful staff, and unique business model. It is so helpful to have a pizza ready to go intothe oven when you want it to! I will certainly go back! I'm happy that I tried the deep dish option first. Next time, thincrust! Read more

Vegita Buu 2 years ago

Deliciously made pizzas by some real gems

Cathy W 5 years ago

I just have to tell everyone how great this Papa Murphy's Location is. I have been going there for years almost weekly. Love the... Cowboy and thick n cheesy bread! YUM...Pedro is the most awesome employee ever and the place runs like a well oiled machine.Great Pizza and Great Service. Read more

Doug Whitfield 5 years ago

It seemed like a crazy idea since I live in the city but I guess it makes sense for commuters. The pizzas are actually really... good. I get that dine-in is not really their thing and that then you have to clean but some sort of area where you could drink adrink while you waited would be nice. I dunno, I guess a lot of people would just wait because it's actually pretty quick but Igot dropped off and it's kinda awkward just sitting on the seating they have. I'm not sure what else they could do with thespace and I've only been in this one so I can't compare to other papa Murphy's. Anyway, I guess the real thing people want toknow here is that the pizza is actually good! Read more