Reviews for Pickup's Pizza Company in Eagle, CO

Mallory McDonald 1 year ago

I fell in love with this place when I moved here back in 2019. It def seemed better quality back then (may have been preparation... that made the diff), but I also recall the employees were older then too. Since I?ve been back, the younger crowd has beenserving me, which- no hate here, I just think kids pay less attention to fine detail (especially w/the crust preparation) thansomeone more seasoned with baking. That, and and every now and then it looks like the person carrying the sauce tripped &spilled it all over my tiny little pizza lol I still love Pickup?s and look forward to more pizza- thin or thick crust. Also,there?s something a/b the cheese that keeps me from giving it 5 stars. I can?t place my finger on what it is exactly about thecheese???? Combined w/the sauce, it lends to a bitter taste. Read more

Sam Lawit 1 year ago

Absolutely the best pizza we?ve had in a long time. Probably since my wife and I moved from Denver, CO. These guys know how to... make a good pizza. We order truckin delicious cheesy bread and large Hondo pan pizza. The pizza came out exactly at the timethey stated it would despite how busy they were. If I could give it 6 stars I would. Highly recommend it! Good job boys! Read more

Nolan Dahlberg 2 years ago

I have been a long time pickup pizza customer. I would say their pizza is reliably average. This week I ordered 2 small pizzas,... and to my surprise, when I picked them up I was charged $44. When I questioned the price, I was informed that their already highprices have increased to a substantial amount. Safe to say our household will not be back. It?s already expensive enough livingin the Vail Valley, and I don?t think many people will be willing to pay over $20 for a tiny, average pizza that feeds oneperson. P.S. the menu prices online are incorrect. Read more

Matthew Waldrop 2 years ago

Finally good thin crust!!! I am so excited to finally find good thin crust pizza. Not only in the Valley but Colorado. Pizza... here is laughable but I think these guys might be from Chicago. You can tell there?s care in the sauce. Read more

Zoe Kiser 2 years ago

My family and I visited this amazing place for the first time during dinner. The lady working front counter told us it would... take up to 50 minutes to get our pizza, but it only took 25 at most. The pizza has fresh spinach and mushrooms and the sauce isamazing but the best part was the crust it was half crisp and the other half fluffy, perfect combo makes my mouth water justthinking about it. Eating at this pizza shop would satisfy your taste buds any day. Read more

Daniel Stepel (The last Baby Boomer) 4 years ago

very good pizza made from fresh ingredients. Also a really cool decor both inside and out.

NicoleBri 4 years ago

I love this place - even without black olives as a topping, this is my favorite pizza place in the area! Their deep dish pizzas... are delish and the dough is amazing, sauce is a bit on the sweeter side but still very good. Read more

Krista Bengtson Cook 6 years ago

Love to get Pickup?s Pizza every time we come to Eagle. Especially like that they deliver to Bonfire Brewery! I recommend The... Goat. Ours has pineapple added. Yummy. Read more