Reviews for 4 Sisters Kabob and Curry- Pakistani and Indian Cuisine and in Easton, MD

Mark Johnson 1 year ago

They show 4 chicken quarters in the add but you only get 1 chicken quarter in the add for $14 99 paid $16.00 and you got 2 sides

Kimi Messa 1 year ago

Unfortunately, they were away on vacation so we didn't get our favorite dishes such as Chicken Biryani or Palak Paneer ????;... guess we'll have to wait until August when it's open again ???? Read more

Aleksey Bykov 1 year ago

i was on my way back, and i was hungry and i felt like kebab, so by luck i found this place, it's just a trailer kitchen but it... had 4.8 stars! so i decided to give it a try, as i stopped and made my order the lady in the trailer said it will take 10minutes, but then she said, don't go just yet, and i was like ok, i can wait, and she gave me a treat for the time while i amwaiting, and it was delicious the food is awesome the place is grate, highly recommend!!! Read more

Stephen Sard 1 year ago

Customer service is amazing, the food is amazing, and the price-point is perfect. This is a little hidden gem here in Easton... worth stopping in to check out. Vegetarian options available as well, so everyone is happy. Update: It's stillamazing!!! Another Update: Still amazing! Hands down still one of my favorite places to eat! Read more

Still Life Yoga 1 year ago

Delicious food and friendly staff, what more can you ask for? Save some time and call ahead with your order, but if you're... unsure what to get, the staff will be happy to help you find something amazing. Do yourself a favor and get to 4 Sisters. Read more

skyler kilmon 1 year ago

Sweetest ladies! Samosa was delicious and I would just come back for those two things alone. She recommended the chicken curry... and it was delicious. Ordered a Naan and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to coming back soon. Read more

msbelveatf 1 year ago

What a cute food truck! They have parking available right across from the truck and what looks to be like they own the building... that they are parked in front of. They have are hospitable people they gave me a sample of the cauliflower which was great ifit wasn't so cold outside I might have been able to really go over the menu however what I did get was good also They gave my bfthe cabbage to sample also. I ordered samosa which comes 2 in an order my bf says this is the best that he has had, garlic nannwhich was thin and flavorful I did feel like it may have been missing something, chana Masala & Grilled Salmon it was cookedperfectly and has just the right amount of flavoring. It comes with rice I personally am not a fan or rice however I did havesome and it was good and two sides I got cabbage which was good and tasted very fresh I really liked it and chickpea which wasalso good and the sauce it is cooked in was great to use for dipping my nann. Please note the lentil does have chicken which isthe only reason I was unable to have that. Read more

crystal cooper 2 years ago

Delicious. Fresh! I always pass this place and wonder if it's open. Always for a couple years I've wanted to try this place,... today my husband and I finally decided to try. We were so glad we did! I wasn't sure what to order, but the lady that took ourorder asked if it was our first time, we said yes, she gave us some samples of a couple things. That really was awesome! So gladshe did because now I know what to get next time! I wish I would of tried this place sooner! Very friendly! Great customerservice. Food is made to order. We waited in our car and they brought our food to us! Read more