Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Ecru, MS

Lamar Turner 1 year ago

About a year or so ago, this was the worst place to go for food. I only went because it was convenient and close to my job. Food... was always cold, took forever to get your order, and most of the time your order would be wrong. Recently, they've made a lot ofimprovement in all of those areas and I began to enjoy the food again. This past week, they messed up my order two days back toback. The second day I made sure to call and voice my opinion, especially since I felt like they were making great strides onimproving. The manager took down my name and offered me a free order made right. I stopped by the next day and picked up mymeal, but something about it was just off. I think night shift does a better job. Food tastes better and your order is morelikely to be right. They haven't lost my business yet, but I wish I had other options. Read more

Crystal Boles 1 year ago

Employee had a little attitude but overall it was good

Angela Nicole 2 years ago

Always good food, not really much to say.

Carrie Biddinger 2 years ago

The food was all made fresh: toaster sandwich, tots, and popcorn chicken. The service was pretty slow for fast food that wasn't... busy at 10:30 am, but I assume they are short-handed like every where else. Read more

Brenda Writesel 2 years ago

They do it right here! Food was fresh and pretty. Service was average, but a great trade off for great food and very nice... servers. I am impressed. Good job Pontotoc MS! Read more

Lisa Moses 2 years ago

Something was in my shake. The young lady had attitude. She didn't have any straws or napkins or even change back for customers.... We ordered 2 shakes and the people beside us got there after and they got their order before us ???? Read more

mary davidson 3 years ago

I ordered a sonic blast today. I paid got it from the nice car hop and left. Once I got home to eat it I looked all they did was... dump a few crushed Oreos in the bottom and sprinkled a few on top. This is NOTHING like any other blast I have ordered from anyother sonic. If I am paying $5 for a small blast I would just like it prepared like any other would be at a different sonic,blended not just plain vanilla ice cream with a few crushed Oreos!!! Read more

Melinda Homan 3 years ago

I've always been a fan of the chili cheese coney's, but the last few times I've had one the taste has been off. I don't know if... they changed their brand of hotdogs or chili or what? They just don't taste the same. That's my usual or the chili cheese tots,and now I'm gonna have to find something different if the taste doesn't improve. I hate change and always scared to trysomething different for fear that I won't like it and waste my money! O and one of the biggest downfalls I've seen here or anySonic for that matter, is the menus! If you are a passenger you better know what you want or be prepared to lay your head in thedriver's lap to view the menu! How about displaying the menu in front of the vehicle where all individuals can see it!! Read more