Reviews for Sky Sushi in El Dorado Hills, CA

Chelsea Ellis 1 year ago

I ordered a fish less shrimp lover and received a roll with salmon and hot red sauce in it. I called to let them know after... getting all the way home 20 minutes away from the restaurant I called and was told they could not refund me and I need to bringit back for a credit for next time. I not only brag about sky and only choose them for sushi ordering it multiple times a monthwith family and the customer service is definitely not what I go there for however this time when I called a host answered saidok let me get a manager then the ?manger? gets on the line has me explain and then says ok please hold while I get my managerthen tells me the district manager said he can?t do anything for me unless he sees the roll and then laughed and said I?m sorryyou?re upset but that?s all I have for you! I can never go back to Sky without feeling disgusted. I can?t even eat my roll sosad. Don?t go here mikunis is a little more expensive but well worth the service and attention to detail. Everyone here is veryunprofessional and very very immature and young. Do better Sky my $40 plus cash tip I gave you should had been worth more thanthis. Read more

J.T. F 1 year ago

GREATLY overpriced and bad parking. Got 2 dinner combos (bento boxes) chicken katsu and beef teriyaki were both very tough. The... katsu was covered in sauce so the breading was soggy. They came with salad but no dressing, and decent tempura and gyoza $26for a bento box with 2 optional sides, no soup, and a small main dish $4+ for a small drink Pricing in the menu photos ongoogle was significantly less than what I was charged. When I brought it up with the hostess she was not understanding orsympathetic at all. She coldly replied that she can't match prices from 2001 or 2002... the menu photos were uploaded 3 yearsago and were $10 cheaper for each dinner combo. Even at the lower price I would not have been satisfied with what Ireceived Will not be returning Read more

Chris Clouser 1 year ago

I'm surprised in an upscale community like EDH that there isn't more of an effort to have your rolls gluten-free as an option. ... Most sushi is already gluten free or almost. Have versions of the sauces and anything else that use soy sauce use Tamariinstead. Use shrimp ebi instead of tempura {side note, tempura is a ?flavor bully? and overpowers a lot of the other subtleflavors in a roll). Use imitation crab that does not have wheat in it {why do they put wheat anyway?) Etc. You could add adollar or two per roll for a gluten free option. Super tasty, some of the better quality sushi I've had recently. Read more

Jessie Flint 1 year ago

We've been celebrating birthdays here for almost a decade. And tonight will be the last one. Worst service we have had as a... collective group to memory. Sat for our reservation at 6, waitress didn't come back to the table until 6:30, after I went up tothe front and had to ask where our server was. She said there was a mix up even though she set our waters down and had halfgreeted the table. Got our whole order at once because our party of 10 had been waiting for a half an hour. Drinks took another30 minutes once ordered. Appetizers hit the table before beers or cocktails. Food came out good, but we had to ask for soy sauceand wasabi setups. Check was requested to be split, it wasn't. Server spent another long chunk of time splitting checks that wehad already requested be split. Fine. Brings the bills, people pay cash, and some cards. Takes another chunk of time to returnfor payment, and then even longer to bring payment back to the table. We ended up having to ask a busser for the checks becausethere where children in the party and our 6 pm reservation was pushing 8:30. Part of our party left without their changebecause the server was taking so long. As Everything took a half an hour longer than it should have. Charged 20% gratuity forour larger party which is totally fine and understandable, but this waitress knew she was getting her tip regardless and didn'tbother to follow through with any customer service aspects once we where seated. There was a table next to us, that was a largerparty, that sat almost an hour after us, that had a different waitress and where in and out sooner than our smaller party was. Ipractice as much patience as possible while dining out, especially in recent years but 2.5 hours for a reservation at a casualrestaurant is pushing it, not to mention trying to celebrate an event with family and everyone is annoyed because they can't gettheir change or their drinks are taking 30 minutes. Read more

Candi Arnold 1 year ago

Sky is our go-to for date night! Look at these delicious rolls our favorite sushi chef, Edgar, prepared for us.

Jana Bucher 1 year ago

I usually avoid giving bad reviews as I think everyone can make mistakes. However, the experience we just made was absurd and... the employees refused to provide another way of communication. So this was our experience on July 18th at 7:50 p.m.: My husbandtried to order take-out for us as I am working late and we would not make it in time to enjoy the food during the openinghours. When he called the restaurant, the host picks up and puts him on hold for a long time. When she returned, she tell usthat they are very busy and experiencing some problems. Even though the background noise is incredibly high, he manages to orderan appetizer and five sushi rolls with the five roll special. The host confirms and informs him to pick it up in an hour. 30minutes later, my husband receives a call from the same host telling him that for the last 20 minutes she was trying to reach usto inform us that we cannot pick the rolls for the five rolls special but her phone is broken so she couldn't connect with us.My husband asks for clarification as we have been at the restaurant not too long ago and were able to choose our rolls for thespecial. As she replies that this is the information she got from the kitchen and the servers, my husband asks to speak to aManager. While she replies that there are no Managers working tonight, she hands the phone to a server. The Server comes on thephone and barely can hear my husband's voice due to the technical issues and the background noise. After repeating our previous"at the restaurant" experience and explaining to him that we have two allergies, he clarifies to us that we can choose it at therestaurant but we cannot when ordering take-out. In terms of allergies, we only would be able to leave a note for thekitchen. While this seems not very reliable, my husband asks how we would be able to order the five rolls without the specialand asks for the Servers name. The Server responds with " I am instructed by my Management to not answe Read more

Sarah Atkins 1 year ago

The food quality was great but the service was terrible. I had to ask for a table twice then the waitress only came to our table... to bring the food. We had 4 kids, all under 8, and were not offered spoons or forks. We went to the staff on 3 differentoccasions to ask for an order, check and forks. The poor service will definitely make me reconsider going back. And they add on20% tip for large parties. I would tip more for good service but that was too much for what we had tonight Read more

iya P 2 years ago

My family has lived here for 15 years, we used to come here all the time and we all had a favorite roll. We hadn't come by in a... few years due to COVID, and it's definitely changed. I could tell just by looking at it, but the flavor is nothing like what itused to be. The rice was overcooked and overpacked, basically like grocery store sushi. Just lots of imitation crab and weirdlyflavorless fish. The shrimp tempura in the roll was tiny with overcooked batter, lacking sauce. It's fine if you're looking forsomething more affordable or open a little later in the evening, but there are much better places to get sushi now. I hope theyget good chefs back. I'm going to miss the old Sky. Read more