Reviews for Don Carbon in El Paso, TX

Alan Hernandez 1 year ago

Used to be a Don carbon fan but now it?s a hit or miss. Charro beans are no longer Mexican charros they taste like chili beans... specially at this location. Customer service is mediocre and chicken has been extra spiced with seasoning. Man howdisappointing! Used to love this place. I will only critique this location because there?s some locations I haven?t been too. Read more

S. Chang 1 year ago

The food is great, especially the chicken, only complaint might be the stale tortillas that you might often receive. The main... issue here is the service, it's slow and they very often forget part of your order, especially through the drive though. Despitethese issues, the food is good enough to keep coming back. Read more

Eddie S. 1 year ago

Food is good, sometimes you will get some small pieces though which sucks considering how much their prices have gone up in the... past year. It?s hit or miss. I used to eat at this place once or twice a week but now once about every 4-5 months due to theirprice increases. Read more

Debbie Bermudez 1 year ago

Customer service and food is so so. The soda machine was turned off and we let the cashier know , she told us to just turn it on... ourselves by twisting a key, dont get me wrong it wasn?t hard or anything but the customer should not be the one turning on thesoda machine. They also have a fly problem, every-single time we go we cant eat in peace because theres always at least threeflies hovering over us, its getting annoying and unsanitary. Food is good, i dont want to be that customer but the chickenpieces seem to be getting smaller every visit, its a bummer, I hope they fix those small issues because it really is a placewith a lot of potential. Read more

Felipe Bermudez 1 year ago

Pesimo. Ordered a Hawain burger and had no pineapple. I tell the kid serving around the tables and his response is "Can I... see""? I showed it to him and even told him to just bring thw piece of pineapple. He leaves takes my burger and comes backshowing me a pretty clean of pineapple "that magically appeared inside my burger". What is piece of s#*t place. I told themto keep it. Will never come back to this piece of S?&T place. Read more

Yazmeli Martinez 1 year ago

This was my first time and I?ve heard great things about Don Carbon so I was excited to try it but it could have been better.... Got the carbon combo and the chicken was pretty dry. Charros were good in flavor but they were lukewarm. The baked potato was asad little guy. Had to have been old and was barely warm instead of piping hot. The cheese on it was unable to melt due to thelow temp.Tortillas were also cold. Salsas were good as well as the pickled onions. The quality of the food would have been muchhigher and tastier if it would have been hot and fresh. I?m hoping they were just having an off day. I?m willing to give anotherlocation another try. Read more

Keyona Wade 1 year ago

Great place for the rotisserie lovers! Took my husband to try something different and he liked it enough to go back. Nice staff... here. Order your food at the counter, then they bring it to your table. Read more

Amanda Everton 1 year ago

Drove in from a long trip from Southern California. Stopped at this place order food. I got half way through eating and felt... something weird in my mouth. I pulled it out and had a dammm rubber band that came from either the rice or macaroni salad. Toldthe manager and she said ?oh I will look into it? Didn?t offer a refund or anything. Needless to say we will never eat her andwill never recommend this place. Secondly the manager took the rubber band out of my hand. This just came out of my mouth andstill had food on it. Disgusting she picked it up with her bare hands. I?m just disgusted and I feel grossed out Read more