Reviews for Great American Pizza in El Paso, TX

Rachel N 1 year ago

I ordered two pizzas. One was correct ???????? but the other one was missing some toppings. Sadly, it was just cheese and... pineapple. Overall, both pizzas were very salty. Disappointing. Read more

The Fam Bam Lyfe 1 year ago

This place is 5 stars because of miss Linda. Shes an amazing employee who goes above and beyond she makes the perfect pizzas and... is quick to check you out. Read more

Jorge Rivas AHA 1 year ago

Pizza was nasty and soggy. I ordered regular crust and the crust was thinner than paper. It falls all over. Has to much tomato ... sauce and is under cooked!! Waste of money!! Read more

Ashley M 1 year ago

This pizza tastes amazing! It?s the best pizza I?ve had in awhile! I cannot wait to try the wings & other items on the menu. The... staff was very friendly & I loved the atmosphere! Read more

Jeff Cox 1 year ago

This place seems to have gone downhill. My family and I used to order Pizza from here for a while. Every Friday we would order... our pizza for family night from here for months. We took a break but decided to return again tonight. What happened? When wefirst started getting our pizzas here everything was great. This time everything seemed to have gone wrong. Couldn't get throughon the phone to order, customer service is severely lacking, toppings seemed rationed (lucky to get 1 pepperoni per slice), andpizza was super greasy/soggy. Don't know what happened to this place since last time we got pizze from there but they definitelyneed to fix things before we will go back. Read more

Gregory Kolster 1 year ago

I have never ever had such a hard time getting hold of an owner or a manager of a business in my entire life. Back on the 9th of... June I ordered a medium topping pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and a order of cheese sticks the total came out to $21.35which was I was more than happy to pay for it. The bad thing was is when both of them got here they were both burned. So when Icall the establishment back to talk to the manager they tell me that the managers on vacation can I ask him I said well what canwe do about this and you will have to talk to him and I'm trying to think how do I talk to him if he's on vacation this is justvery very very bad bad service. I never ever planned to order from this restaurant again and if anybody ever asked me about itI'm going to bad mouth it as much as I can Read more

HaileYesus Bairu 2 years ago

My favorite pie in El Paso...the though is very soft and delicious.. it's like putting Pizza on your favorite bread.

Juan Aviles 3 years ago

Awesome place. You can get really good pizza at a really good price. Love it I have been once a week there since I found it.... The guys there are super cool. Read more