Reviews for Boulevard Bistro in Elk Grove, CA

Mike Morse 1 year ago

THE place to go in Elk Grove for a "fine dining" experience. Lovely atmosphere, fabulous food, and exquisite service. It ain't... cheap, but it's Well worth it for a special occasion, or just a nice quiet meal without the "chain diner" ruckus. Definitely a5 star experience. Read more

Paul Kollie 1 year ago

I miss the old Elk Grove, having coffee, amongst veterans whom I could overhear sharing their war exploits, while reading... SacBee, in a white-painted tiny café. This white-linen tiny but cozy house converted to a restaurant brings me back those days.Quite perfect for an unforgettable dinner with one’s significant other. The gourmet food, the ambiance and service are a givenbut revisiting the past is a bonus. Read more

Bri Metcalfe 1 year ago

I absolutely adore this place. It's so quaint and the staff is attentive and so sweet. They have a great line up on their menu... for brunch, and always have unique and seasonal mimosa flavors which I love Read more

jess wong 1 year ago

Cozy restaurant with fine Californian cuisine. It's a local favorite. The staff is really nice too!

Contrarian 22 1 year ago

Unfortunately after being a happy and very satisfied customer for many years, I have found myself disappointed in this... restaurant recently. Had the halibut a few visits ago and it was overcooked and had the consistency of being previously frozen. A new halibut dish was on the menu tonight with herb gnocchi and it sounded delicious. It wasn't. It was overcooked againwith the same consistency of being previously frozen. On top of that I was given a pittance of 2 1/2 gnocchi and less than onespoonful of fresh vegetables. It was, frankly, insulting. $42 down the drain. On top of that I was in the mood for oystersand ordered a half dozen on the menu. They were extremely small and lukewarm. Maybe that's on me for not asking how big theywere, but the last time I had oysters there they were larger and served on ice. So, long-winded way of saying I spent $69 forlow quality food that didn't even fill me up. I am just not used to this from this restaurant. Maybe part of it is the currentinflationary environment we're in, but man, if you're going to charge more you need to at least deliver. They haven't latelyfor me. And now I doubt I will give them another shot on any seafood items. Maybe the pork chop bc that takes real work tomess up. Sad. Read more

Phuc Luong 2 years ago

Today's my wife birthday. Decided to go here for dinner. Turned out good. The service is good as expected and the food is full... of favors! Filet mignon is the best! Read more

Vince Leong 2 years ago

Wowed by all the tasty appetizers, salads, and entrees. Short ribs were tender and lamb was cooked just right.

Dexter.Aldueza 2 years ago

I have read so many good reviews so We decided to celebrate here our 12 year wedding anniversary. It’s probably the heat?... Outside temperature was 99F. Looks like the ac in that building didn’t hold up. While in the building it feels likearound 85-95F inside. In short we are not comfortable at all. The service was NOT GREAT AT ALL. The food is okay not reallyworth $30 or $40 per plate on my opinion. I was expecting atleast a decent service and a decent food. No wow factor. I’vespent $100+20% tip overall I wouldn’t recommend the place. Won’t be coming back to this establishment. Read more