Reviews for In-N-Out Burger in Encinitas, CA

Maddy 1 year ago

Animal fries could have had more toppings, but yummy anyway and so was the grilled cheese sandwich. the wait isn?t bad and the... staff are friendly. Read more

Julie Ferrari Beyer 1 year ago

The staff was so friendly and efficient! My husband wanted to steal all the workers. In-N-Out never disappoints.

Justin B. 1 year ago

Solid burger joint right off of the highway. The burgers are some of the best for fast casual/fast food, depends how you define... it. The fries are subpar, though. Best burger for the price, for sure. But the fries are probably some of the worst for theprice. Would likely come again, but without ordering fries. Read more

Victor Valente de Araujo 1 year ago

Even though in-n-out of standard I think this one has the best food, service is also excellent

PerspectiveZ Creative 1 year ago

Double Double animal style with animal style fries... it's not on the menu but you have to order it as such because you just... have to. It's messy but a good burger has to be. It's hard to compare to any other, it's just really good. Sauce, salty,flavorful... and finger licking good. Also, it's in Encinitas by the beach so it's a local favorite. Read more


Fast service great Burgers. And very surprisingly some good fries In-N-out. In-N-out That?s what a hamburger is all about

Ryan Warner 2 years ago

Make sure they get your order right before walking away. Dude at the cash register couldn?t take an rider for the life of him.... Ended up missing a burger and didn?t identify which burgers had chopped chilis in them and which didn?t. Had to wait anadditional 10 minutes for them to get the missing burger for our party of 5. Location is clean. Tons of parking. Tons ofseating. Just wish their staff was more attentive or just focused. If you?re not confident behind the register yet, then shiftto another position. Can?t imagine how many orders get messed up on a busy day. Read more

Jonathan 2 years ago

In-N-Out Burger is one of the world's most beloved fast food chains. It takes about 10 minutes and they only sell burgers or... cheeseburgers, nothing else, no gimmicks, same recipe since they opened and I think it was 1952. They have fries that the worldcriticizes at times but they don't realize that they are pure fresh potatoes and vegetable oil. So they can't compete with thechemical treated fries out there but they are much healthier and I enjoyed them. In and out is a great chain. Read more