Reviews for Mariscos La Playa in Española, NM

Bethany Young 1 year ago

The service was friendly and did put in their variety of salsas as asked, but that's all I can say that's good. I had heard good... things about this restaurant and I've lived here on and off for my whole life so I wanted to try it. I ordered cheesequesadillas (no meat) and I asked to try their homemade hot sauce. I also asked about a "diabla" (not diablo ???????????) hotsauce a friend had told me was extra hot there that I wanted to try, but was told they don't have that, and that they neverhave. It's strange because my friend is from here, lives here, eats tgere, and says they do! That was confusing. I picked theorder up within 15 mins tops after I ordered (they had said it'll be ready in 10). It included a wilted pico de gallo (whicheverywhere else I've eaten here in N NM has had fresher or non-soggy pico de gallo), an interesting green salsa (creamy???????????), and their red was Tapatío (packaged sauce). They did serve with avocado slices and sour cream on the side (theavocado was fresh, that was nice), but also bacon on the side?? It just was very unappetizing. The thing that bugged me the mostwas the quesadilla was cold and the cheese barely melted. And the funky salsa selection. And this is in New Mexico? Was verysurprised and underwhelmed. Maybe the other dishes there are different and better, but I don't plan to be back - and I love tosupport local businesses. Plus, I'm not a vegetarian, but what is up with the bacon when I asked for cheese only?! Lol -overall, it just wasn't worth the money. Except the bacon (which I didn't ask for :) and the avocado! Read more

Karen Watson 1 year ago

Colorful place with tasty food. Enjoyed the fish tacos, along with the chips and salsas. Authentic Mexican and popular with... locals, from what we could see. If I lived in the area, this would be a regular favorite. Read more

Chris Roybal 1 year ago

Every time I've gone here, I've had the best service and good food! This latest visit, we enjoyed some awesome Tostadas de... Ceviche, kids Beef Tacos Plate, Tacos al Patron (tacos with a combination of beef, shrimp and bacon), Fajitas de Tiburon (shark)and Filete de Mojo de Ajo (tilapia fillet steamed in butter and garlic). The portions are very generous and all the entrees withthe exception of the fajitas, were served with avocado, rice and the best fries ever. Chips with pico de gallo, a bean dip and aavocado cucumber dip are served as you wait for your food. It was the birthday of a member of our party and they brought out adelicious piece of flan with whipped cream. Read more

Rolando Trevino 1 year ago

Enjoyed eating here again for Fathers Day. Great food, flavor, excellent portions, great service, what more could you ask for.

Anna Garcia 2 years ago

I was not happy with our service. My husband's order was wrong, we dealt with it. I don't ever like to leave bad reviews but the... service is going down. This is my 3rd bad experience. Read more

Hannah King 2 years ago

Okay let me tell you. My honey introduced me to this place, I?ve lived here for 15+ years and never eaten here before, before... last weekend. The Discada Nortena????????sooooooo good I got that both times. I?ve only been here twice now, but the service wasGreat, and the super short time it took to get our food BOTH times was GREAT! And that monster margarita. Get it. Just get it????It?s MONSTEROUS, hence the name. This has been promoted to my new favorite restaurant. Read more

Tim Money 2 years ago

Descada?s both with shrimp and Norteno style were fabulous! The Avacado-cream sauce with chips was an unexpected delight!

Melissa K Lavy 3 years ago

Very large outdoor patio with water feature! Delicious mango margarita with chili pepper rim! And had a good time with my... roommate before leaving New Mexico...why hadn't I ever gone here before? Fantastic selection of Ceviche!! YUM! Read more