Reviews for Subway in Espanola, ON

Experienced Reviewer 1 year ago

The server gave us rotten bread when we ordered a subway.

Roger Auge (SproutCo) 1 year ago

We order from this Subway at least three times a month and often a lot more!

Shawn Morrison 1 year ago

I would order the BLT with double bacon un toasted. Best for lunch and the next day.

Josie T 1 year ago

This Subway was not busy, even though it was lunch time. The bread was fresh and the subs we got were tasty as always. Thanks!

Josh Marsland 2 years ago

My wife and son went in there around 6pm on December 16th. My wife was treated unfairly and told to leave immediately. They also... refused to take an order from my son and asked him to leave as well. I would give a negative rating if possible. What happenedwas my wife asked for the real chicken breast multiple times to make sure we didn't get the processed chicken. The sandwichMakers said, Yes for sure we will do that." What did they do? They put the processed chicken on our subs. My wife asked them toremove the processed chicken from the subs but they refused and said no you must pay for these subs and than we can make youanother sub with the real chicken! My wife refused to pay for the subs as it was not what she had asked for. So they told her,"We aren't serving you get out!" My son than proceeded to order and they said " We aren't serving you either, both of you getout now!" They were extremely rude to my wife and son. We will never go back there and I encourage everyone I know not to gothere. They were terribly disrespectful for no fault on my wife or son. Read more

paul house 2 years ago

The workers are pleasant & friendly,they always have a smile. The food is always fresh and done exactly the way I wanted. A Paul... house sub. All safety procedures are taken with employees and customers. I always stop for a fresh sub and a pleasant chit chat. Read more

Leonard E 3 years ago

Each Subway location (like this Espanola outlet) is locally owned and operated so service experiences may vary and your fav... Subway may not be the place next door. I have found this to be true of many nationally franchised operations so you get toreward places that treat you right. Remote ordering ahead with the Subway App is their preferred choice. That way everyone?ssocial distancing safety is maximized. My appetite is on a 9-Grain Honey Oat (bread) Cold Cut combo with Swiss Cheese, all theveggies, sprinkle salt/pepper/grated Parmesan Cheese, and add a single line of Chipotle Southwest sauce along the less thanfootlong delight! Need to concentrate on the delicious sandwich in hand...Gotta go! Don?t forget to sign up for Subway MyWayRewards too. Read more

Phil Sim 5 years ago

Got a girl with glasses around 9:30pm; did a great job, quick with a great sub as seen in pic. I would gladly go back... other... than for the horrible music that played.. & the fact that the hand dryer in the bathroon didnt work...hence only 4 stars. Read more