Reviews for Buffalo Wild Wings in Fairfield, CA

Shhhtevo Grande 1 year ago

Great service, great food. I always wondered why the prices weren't a little lower though (alcoholic beverages and food... menu). Wish happy hour was until a later time with bone in wings on the happy hour menu as well. I really do like this spotthough and the staff is great! A lot of the servers and workers are young which is really inspiring to see how hard they workand how well they all work together. Great Job BDubs Staff!!! Read more

Kim Williams 1 year ago

Very bad experience. I don't usually give bad reviews but this was such a disappointment. To begin the seats were not clean. We... heard other customers complaining about this too. It took a long time to be seated and it took a long time to be served eventhough there were only a few customers in the main dining area. We kept wondering where the server was and what they were doing.Once we finally were able to order it took SO long for the food to come out. On top of all this the wings my daughter orderedwere over-sauced and they forgot the fries which eventually came out but were lukewarm. I ordered a cob salad but it did notcome out with the other food. I was waiting and waiting for the salad to come. It finally came and the server did apologize forthe wait. But as I was eating it I noticed it tasted strange. I realized after a few minutes that there were no eggs or bluecheese! It wasn't at all what I had ordered from the menu. Needless to say I complained to the server who said they ran out ofthe Cobb salad ingredients days ago! Why didn't she tell me this when I ordered so I could choose something else? Why didn't shetell me when she brought it to the table? It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had at any restaurant. Terrible! Read more

Mike Killen 1 year ago

Absolutely under no circumstance will I ever return to this wild wings. We hist sat my girlfriend and I and never even said... hello. We sat at our table with no menus for over 10 minutes before I finally got up and went to the wall side table and grabbedsome for us. Seeing this, the two waitresses standing in the corner on there phone came over and politely asked if we needed afull menu. To witch I said yes please, still being polite at this point. Another 15 minuets go by, she returns to take ourorder. We ordered 20 pieces of boneless chicken and two side salads, with a drink from the bar. The drink came in 5 minutes. 30minutes later, after politely asking the waitress if she could Chek on our food, she says that there just making our salad andour order would be out shortly. Another 15 minutes later, I got up and asked her again politely to let me pay for my drink and Iwould like to leave. Over an hour spent on our 1 day off a week trying to get food. Will never come back to this place and ifever asked about it will be more than willing to express my experience. Read more

Lance Powers 1 year ago

Ordered $110 worth of wings half bone-in and other half boneless. The boneless was a joke it was like refried chicken nuggets... very hard and dry I didn't eat for fear they would literally break my teeth had like 3 and it just didn't taste right thebone-in bbq seemed to be really good but mixed it with the teriyaki that was ordered and seemed to be undercooked for theteriyaki as if they were prepared separately and thrown in the same box with no way of knowing which was with the undercookedbatch the bone-in garlic parmesan was good but noticed a few had these spiral things which we seemed to find only on a few ofthe flats and when we called to talk to the manager the first time she had no clue what they were and asked to send pictures totheir email and that they were starting the refund process after a week and no refund we called the second time to speak to"another" manager that would only be able to refund part of the order which still hasn't been refunded their excuse for poorquality was to blame doordash even when I ordered fire wings right after and there was no issue for a fraction of the price toosad I don't think I'll ever order from here again I was willing to return the food too Read more

Sukh 1 year ago

service is horrible first they make you wait and then once you get seated no server showed up for 30mins. wouldn?t recommend,... all the tables were dirty. Management need to do a better job. Read more

Boss Jean 2 years ago

Came here on a Sunday wasn't very busy so I expected my food to be fresh. My chicken was warm, my fries were warm and soft. The... bathroom was ok. My waiter was very sweet and helpful. Nice atmosphere just wished my food was fresh out the fryer! Read more

Malisa Wagner 2 years ago

The table we sat at was dirty from previous guest, had to ask for it to be wiped down, and the place was dirty in general. The... salad I received had alot of bad pieces. The photo sadly doesn't show all of the pieces that weren't good. The wings and friedfood were really good. Read more

Cecilia Dennis 2 years ago

We had refreshing berverages on, fresh and delicious fried pickles and cheese curds, and chicken wings. All while watching the... SF Giants beat the LA Dodgers. Service was splendid! Atmosphere was relaxing and festive. We had a great time! Read more