Reviews for Mellow Mushroom Florence in Florence, SC

Brandy Bergenstock 1 year ago

Food was great, and staff was friendly but preoccupied. We sat in the bar area. As always, MM pizza is delicious. Place was... clean and had indoor and outdoor seating. Read more

Kelley Harrell 1 year ago

Really good pizza, with several gluten-free options. I had no problem ordering a build-my-own pizza that was safe to eat.

Dave Converse 1 year ago

Bland food. Plenty of food and a decent amount for the price. Friendly service. Mighty meat pizza was unbelievably bland. Loaded... with cheese and toppings, should have been fantastic. Wasn't. Wings were under seasoned as well. Salad was really fresh and solid with plenty of toppings. Best thing on the table. Read more

Jessica D 1 year ago

They did not disappoint!! We have been customers of the chain for over 30 years and this location was a new one for us to try.... The drinks were good, the bartenders offered great service. The food was perfect. The cloud 9 wings were defiantly a greataddition to their menu. I look forward to going back and to try out other locations. Read more

Terell C 2 years ago

They have an Amazing bar. My number 1 Bar to get drinks. Great appetizers although I only order the same thing haha. I visit... each once each week that I can. Usually spend about $110-$120. That?s for two drinking at the bar with an appetizers or if notappetizers it?s an extra shot or two. Great place love the TouchTunes music box. Read more

Dustin Wilson 2 years ago

Really wanted to give this place a better review but I couldn?t. Placed an order at 6:39PM to be picked up at 7:45PM since I?d... be driving from FL to their location to stop halfway to NJ. Pulled up at 7:55PM and called, waited until about 8:15 until one oftheir servers came out and said the kitchen must have lost the ticket and they needed about 15 minutes to cook it. Said it?sfine, I understand, so I went across the street and unloaded my belongings to my hotel. I came back around 25 minutes later andwaited a few more minutes in the parking lot (about 5 minutes, no big deal). Grabbed everything and went back to the hotel.Unloaded everything, opened the box, and it looked great until I took a bite. The dough was undercooked and the cheese notmelted. I ended up heating up the pizza in the microwave for 30 seconds a slice and it came out a little better. Floppy, but atleast the ingredients were cooked. I missed out on the good crunchy pizza they usually have, but I?d rather have soft and cookedthan soft and doughy. Edit: bumped it up one more star to 3-star. I found some hotel cookwear and was able to reheat on thestovetop, the pizza came out much better than microwaving it. Read more

A Powell 2 years ago

The calzones are YUMMY! The staff is nice, it looks like somewhere I'd hang out at when I was a teenager! The prices are a... little much, though. I understand they use healthy ingredients but this is more like a treat resturant for me! I love the layoutof the place, I will definitely come back again. Read more

Chickilady 2 years ago

I've been going to Mellow Mushroom for a few months now and it's one of my favorite restaurants to go to, it has a good... atmosphere whether a fun joint to hangout and eat at for lunch or a good bar atmosphere for a night outing. The pizza is alwaysgood and there's a lot of options to choose from and the ability to have customations. Service is good and the food isconsistent. Best part about this place in my opinion is that the food is flavorful and the interesting pizzas on the menu canpack a punch but it's easy on the stomach. It's one of the few places where it won't make you queezy or have issues with grease.All in all I'd recommend this place if you're looking for a good pizza for you money's worth. Read more