Reviews for Subway in Flowood, MS

Mr. Wick 2 years ago

Customers service is top tier and they just give off a friendly vibe, will definitely be coming back.

John Lindsey 2 years ago

This is the subway near my home . Had a coupon clearly in my hand waving it around. They waited till it was time to pay to say... ?oh we don?t take coupons?. Screw them. Go eat at another subway instead or anyone else. There?s better places to give yourmoney and support to that?ll honor there advertisements and deals unlike Subway. Clearly it?s a bad company Read more

Billy Slaughter 3 years ago

Good fresh, healthy meal can't never go wrong with subway.

Tony Holeman 3 years ago

Still using Covid on June 2021 for limited service and not even offering fountain drinks. Quite using this as an excuse for... poor customer service. Read more

David Roberts 3 years ago

My visits to this restaurant have been pleasent, thus far. The atmosphere is typical of every Subway I have ever visited; mostly... calm and orderly with the occasional anxious shared vibe when a customer ahead orders five sandwiches each with a complicatedlist of modifications. Totally understandable. In regards to food quality, I have never had an issue receiving food that wasn'tfresh tasting and visually appealing. I observed the staff practicing food safety best practices, especially in regards to handwashing and glove changing. No using a food production glove to tender your transaction here, thank goodness. Cleanlinessexpectations were met both behind and in front of the food production counter. My expectations in that regard are very high withlittle mercy having been in the restaurant industry for many years. I know what to look for and what standards apply; so, goodjob and kudos to the team at this Subway! I did not check the fountain drink area, though; and, therefore am unable to note thatbest practices are being applied. Given the cleanliness I observed elsewhere, I am confident that no pink slime (yuck!) isinhabiting the ice dispenser and that the fountain heads are sanitized daily. No one wants a side of bacteria with their footlong. The service level of this restaurant was average. Nothing noteworthy here. I'm not sure the basics of hospitality arebeing implemented throughout the service industry anymore. I know restaurant work is hard and staff interacts with some...unpleasant individuals on the daily. So, unless the folks behind the counter are blatantly rude to me, I seldom complain aboutthe quality of service. One final observation to note in regards to cleanliness is that the exterior of the building was cleanand well maintained. Dirty outside usually means dirty inside. Thankfully, this Subway seems to be checking all of thecleanliness boxes; and, therefore, considering all observations, I am confident in rating this restaurant with f Read more

Marie Williams 3 years ago

I find it to be a problem that these stores cannot honor the prices in which they advertise in their online menus and more, why... is it that the other stores in the said Subway franchise can and this cannot? This is price gouging and ridiculous. Read more

Heather Caraway 4 years ago

We arrived at 5 n they were already out steak and Turkey and the kid behind the ckmould only say it wasn't his fault. What we... ordered was fine but service could have been a little better. And to be completely out of 2 main ingredients so early justlooked bad for them. Read more

Bridget ?BD? Williams 6 years ago

Great local Subway in the CastleWoods area of Brandon. Staff is friendly and they always prepare my order correctly. The food is... always fresh and the address where they prepare the food is always clean. They usually have the latest offers from Subwayavailable and accept coupons. I highly recommend the chopped salads there. Read more