Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in Forest, MS

Angela faith Estep 1 year ago

I ordered the deep dish style pepperoni and it was delicious. I was famished so taking pictures weren't on the menu!

Sonya Posey 1 year ago

It was the first time I had ever ordered the thin crust pizza and it was very good

Chance Cleveland 1 year ago

It was a good pizza hot and ready.

G. Beatriz Martinez 2 years ago

In the Little Caesar?s in Forest, Mississippi. Today I bought two Hulu Hawaiian pizzas and the pineapple was spoiled and my two... year old son ate some and now he has diarrhea I just wanted to say : BE CAREFUL! Read more

Patsy Jackson 2 years ago

Little Ceasars in Forest today at 3:20 I ordered 2, 5.55 pepperoni pizzas and a order of oven roasted wings, and a orange... crush it was 23. Something . They said drive around be about 12 minutes they bring it out so I did. We waited my daughter andI and waited and waited I got a phone call and I looked and it was 3:55 I called them drove back around to drive through I was3rd car in line I told them I been waiting since 3:20 they said if you been waiting that long you could have come in and gottenit . I said I can't hardly walk that's why I came in drive through. They said drive around we'll bring it out. . So you wannaknow my experience with little Ceasars it was SORRY AS HELL . THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN THAT RUDE BEFORE BECAUSE WE GO THERE 1 TIMEA WEEK . BUT NOT AFTER TODAY I WILL CALL DOMINO'S TO DELIVER FROM NOW ON . Read more

Scott Bryant 2 years ago

Horrible customer service. Pulled up the lil black lady running the drive thru said what do you want. To which I replied a large... pepperoni and two mnt dews please. Then when handing her my card she snatches it from me. Read more

Elizabeth Graham 3 years ago

As usual Little Caesars delivers what they promise. Only this time very rudely. I have to say that the cashier had a sour... attitude. I asked her if she was okay. She said "yeah I'm fine" then slammed the drive through window. I know everyone has theirdays but nobody has to be like that when someone else is choosing to show concern for them. Anyone with red blood would haveknown you were NOT FINE. I hope you're day got better though. Read more

Lisa Caston 5 years ago

This is a joke. No where near what you should expect from this pizza franchise. If you expect to get what you see on TV... commercials....don?t even go there or pick up the phone. This is literally the worst pizza I have ever eaten. Zero hot and readypizzas were available. We were the only ones in the store. So they were not super busy to prevent hot and ready pizzas frombeing cooked. We ordered a thin crust supreme. Said it would take 8 minutes. They were timely in what they stated, but....thispizza had SOME pepperoni and SOME SAUSAGE. MAYBE 1 tablespoon of sauce for the entire pie. Then a few scatters of cheese. Theycooked it and then put mushrooms onion and bell pepper on top and warmed it. No more cheese. Horrible and obviously lazyemployees and management. I will be talking on the phone to the regional manager for this sad excuse of a pizza place. Read more