Reviews for QDOBA Mexican Eats in Fort Sill, OK

Jdognick 1 year ago

Paul Navarrete 1 year ago

Located on Fort Sill, this establishment offers Mexican style fast food that is built to order. Usually busy around 1130-1230.... The food is decent but i would not recommend if you are craving authentic Mexican food. This is more of a casual quick bite toeat. Read more

T-dub 1 year ago

Selection is not as big as off base Qdoba. Serving portions are smaller than off base Qdoba. It is an ok option to eat on base... if you don't have enough time to hit up the off base one. Also, this one is more expensive by about a $1, as the off base onegives military a free drink with meal purchase. No spoon for kids apple sauce, only fork. Some reason the burrito is square. And prices keep going up. Read more

gee gee Estes 1 year ago

RUUUUDE! My fiancé went in and ordered for five people. They told him next time he had to order online (wasn?t an option for... this location). Then the girl was rude and had an attitude about everything. And to top it off the food was bland and cold. Hada HORRIBLE experience at the other location in town as well. I guess after almost 15 years of eating here I won?t be returning. Read more


Get a good meal . Well balanced. For soldiers and civilians alike .

Cat Bordes 2 years ago

Biplob Gauli 2 years ago

This place is actually decent. Not sure why it has such low ratings.

Christian Macfarland 2 years ago