Reviews for Subway in Franklinton, LA

Laiton S 1 year ago

Good food but one guy who works there is always a jerk

Hannah Ladner 1 year ago

I ordered a footlong meatball sub last night and shared it. We both ended up sick and didn't even both finish our half. It... almost tasted as if the shredded Cheddar cheese mix was old and starting to sour. I've called multiple times trying to let themknow but nobody will answer the phone. Very disappointed BC I love subway Read more

Toni Jambois 1 year ago

8/20/2022 we got all the way home in Mount Hermon to find NO bacon or Chicken on my wrap!!

Royal Morris 1 year ago

This place is slow as hell I?ve been waiting for 30 minutes just to place my order and the two ladies laughing and playing... around not trying to help the guy who is fixing the food I think they should offer us a discount or something Read more

Ann Green 2 years ago

Extremely busy but all handled with ease. Thank you

Geoffrey Rogers 3 years ago

It was pretty good except when I told the lady what bread and sandwiches I was getting and while she was getting the bread out... the guy that was working the register when I walked in decided to take over and then kept grabbing the wrong bread and then in asnappy way he asked how many sandwiches I was getting. The 5 sandwiches ahead of me was getting cold bc they were toasted andinstead of finishing those he decided to take over my order and he being snappy when I would tell him the cheeses that went onthem. After he finished putting the meat and cheese on mine, the lady put the veggies on and she even apologized for hisattitude and I told her that she didn't need to apologize for someone else being in a bad mood. Other than the guy's attitude itwas pretty good. Read more

Music Veins 3 years ago

The food is fine... The employees are unpleasant, unprofessional and lazy. I also wouldn't recommend trying to call, because 90%... of the time they don't answer. Honestly, if you want Subway, I wouldn't recommend this one. Read more

Sean Dunaway 3 years ago

I'll start with the food was fine but I'm appalled that the WORKERS (2 out of the 3) were not wearing a mask. If you're going to... put a sign on your door that says "must wear a mask" then id suggest you follow it, at least for your employees. Read more