Reviews for Wendy's in Fraser, CO

Jason May 1 year ago

This Wendy's has had the dine in area closed for weeks with no signs or reasoning. This makes it really hard for people who... drive trucks and have equipment trailers. Read more

Brian A 1 year ago

Very poorly run, I understand a lunch rush, but to completely ignore customers waiting in line to order food inside at the... counter for 10+ min. without a single acknowledgement tells me all I need to know,. If customer service is this bad how do youthink the rest of the food prep would be. Read more

Marianne Dale 1 year ago

Best part was the french fries. The drink dispensers were a mess. One was broken and the other mostly out of every flavor and... ice all over the floor. When I asked for a Dr. Pepper at the counter I first got a diet coke, then the when I was leaving wentto get a refill and got I think a Cherry Coke. Burgers were alright my parents were given the wrong burgers but it was quicklyfixed and all was good otherwise. They didn't do well for a lunch rush. Read more

Nic Miller 1 year ago

I eat a lot of Wendy?s. I eat so much Wendy?s you could call me an expert. Not because it?s my favorite, but because it?s the... best fast food option in the county. I?ve been to this Wendy?s hundreds of times and they always have great service. Fast,friendly, very rarely get the order wrong. Read more

Sarah Olson 1 year ago

Inconsistent at best. Some days the employees get the orders correct and the food is good. Sometimes the orders are wrong and... the food is horrible. It?s unfortunate that we have such limited fast food choices in Grand County. More often than not, we aredisappointed by the service and quality of the food. On our last trip through the drive through, they forgot to start cookingthe order from the time we ordered to the time we drove to the window, and we waited for an unreasonable amount of time for ourfood. Read more

Steven Schatz 1 year ago

I've been to other Wendy's that definitely rate lower on my list, but this one is special. Daniel made this experience awesome.... Was super personable at the drive through window and intercom. Food was out super fast, unlike other Wendy's, and just made thefood taste that much better. Thanks Daniel and this Wendy's! -From the guy with a kayak on his car. Read more

Alex Cox 1 year ago

You could see a good service worker actively packing orders without gloves. Then on top of that their systems went down in the... lobby and one of their employees, instead addressing the actual people in the restaurant, aggressively told the rest of thestaff to just lock up the lobby. Read more

Vincent Thome 1 year ago

Arrived at 1:30p and wanted to dine-in. Doors were locked despite there being many patrons dining inside. No signs posted... indicating dining room was closed. Store hours are 8am-10p. What gives? Walked across lot to Julio's Mexican Restaurant andenjoyed a wonderful meal and experience. Read more