Reviews for Carl's Jr. in Freedom, CA

George Mendoza 1 year ago

This Carl's Jr was depressing. The food even tasted different. Weird experience all around. Just driving by the place let's you... know not to expect much. Read more

Francisco Montano 1 year ago

The burger was good but what is up with the large fries ? I feel the fries box is barley open and the least amount of fries... possible is put in it. I wonder if that?s how it?s supposed to be or if they are just being extra stingy on the fries here Read more

Fernando Moreno 1 year ago

The food here is awful, the meet looks and tastes microwaved. I ordered two 6 pice nugget kids meals but was charged 3 complete... 4 piece meals and they said that?s how they work here. ? you pay for 3, 4 piece chicken meals and get two 4 piece meals with anextra four nuggets!? Well I guess I?m missing an extra drink and fries! ????. The food here is cold and tastes like the oneserved at the schools cafeteria! ???????? save your money and go somewhere else, ?Jack in the box?!!! Read more

Jennifer Helean 1 year ago

The lower priced burgers were not very good. In the past ive ordered the more expensive ones that were pretty tasty

Markovich Gilbert 1 year ago

Super delicious. They know how to make food delicious

Jimi Doss 1 year ago

Great place to be if your car breaks down lunch and soda while you wait for a tow truck.

Josh Bidwell 2 years ago

Sorry I ate, here. Soggy half cooked fires.

Melinda Summer 2 years ago

I have had the breakfast burrito at a few other locations and it is one of my favorites. This store however is not interested in... the quality of the food, especially freshness. I ran into soggy bacon and way under cooked hash browns. It is highly unlikely Iwill return to this store. Read more