Reviews for KFC in Watsonville, CA

Dagoberto Lara 1 year ago

The girls that works in the night shift is very rude when we order through the drive thru and many times we’re missing items... like they need to get it together here Read more

Angeline McGee 1 year ago

They were so busy! Yet they still maintained friendly customer service and made some excellent food fast. I was really happy... with our visit. Read more

Diane Ross 1 year ago

The fries were the best ever. Wanted to go back and order again.

dpgjr55 1 year ago

I drove through a couple of weeks ago, I asked for an eight piece bucket of thighs and legs, a chicken sandwich and two orders... of apple turnovers. I was told that they didn’t have any legs and they would have to charge me for all thighs. The total cameto $38. I asked “$38 for eight pieces of chicken, a chicken sandwich and two orders of apple turnovers”? I was told yes andI said never mind and drove away… Read more

Denna Stone 2 years ago

Cole slaw and biscuits. That's all I need. Their fries are super good, I always eat way too many. But, it's a splurge item, so... what the heck! ???? Read more

ZeoFx 2 years ago

The girl who helped us in the drive through was really rude and gave us attitude. I asked a question and she cut me off by... shutting the door in my face. Never coming back again smh. Read more

Carl Davis 2 years ago

Worst fries I've ever had in a KFC. They felt like they were leather shoe laces when I was chewing on them. They were sort of... just warm as well. The classic chicken sandwich seemed dry and barely added temperature to eat it. What a weird visit. Read more

Timothy Ochoa 3 years ago

I've been here twice. On both occasions, I asked for no sauce, on both occasions there was sauce! I called the store and... spoke with the manager. She understood, and told me to return to the store. On the last visit I was going to an very importantmeeting, and time was not on my side. Moral of the story DO IT RIGHT THE 1st. TIME! Read more