Reviews for Subway in Fulton, MS

Felicia Rogers 1 year ago

They were training and my sandwich was made very sloppy.

Thomas Robertson 1 year ago

They were busy but very efficient on getting customers served the food was good and staff were friendly

Jenilyn Ellison 1 year ago

Subway ear ur way!!! How is that when the lady (manager) told me they was not toasted sandwich??!!! "U just don't toast certain... meats." To, well we don't have the right wax paper!!!. oh and not forget this one." I am NOT trying to tell u how to make ursandwich but". Like really, I worked at subway for 5 yrs,I was there when they came out with the toaster oven. I have ALWAYStoasted my sandwhiches. Very very unpleased with this place. I left, I don't see us coming back to that subway. Someone needto train this lady, oh ya and she was training someone.!!!! Why have the toaster ovens to toast sandwich. And we missed goingelse where cause she wanted to take 30 mins to make a sub Read more

Larry Black 2 years ago

Great service! Quick ordering, in and out!

Leanna Cassatt 2 years ago

Amazing BMT sandwich, amazing staff, really good food

Amanda Miller 2 years ago

Happy to have stopped in today while out showing property in Fulton. The employees were cordial and fun, and my turkey sandwich... was made to perfection. Parking was easy, the line moved quickly, and I had fun with the staff. It was a pleasant experience andI will be back. Read more

Sheila Jones 2 years ago

My meatball sandwich was cold. They didn't toast it like I asked so by the time I got home 5 miles away the bread was slimy.

Frankie Dotson 4 years ago

The employees have been there long enough to know menu items that are jo longer on the menu and how to male them which amazing... for the fact that my favorite go to is the feast wich hasn't been around in close to ten years. The keep a decently clean storeand have am amazing sense of humor when it comes to small talk. Best one I've been too in awhile. Recommended by me to be in thetop ten of the state. Read more