Reviews for Pizza Mania NJ in Garfield, NJ

Pawel Bajda 1 year ago

Hey if you want to get riped off and not get what you want come to this place i oreder 2 sandwiches a 7" and one 12" with small... fries for $34 UNBELIEVABLE!! 2 rolls $1, pieces of chicken $5, sauce $.50, cheese.75 = $7.25 34-7.25=26.75 profit. Iunderstand the inflation but come on!!! Last time I bought any thing from that scaming joint! Read more

Andrei Krupnin 1 year ago

That was my last order from this place. Screw in my portobello salad. Almost brake my tooth. That super unprofessional and... dangerous!!! Read more

Stephen V 1 year ago

Long story short I’ve been ordering from Pizza mania for 4 years in a row consistently blown from the quality of food I... receive on a weekly basis to much of my surprise I accidentally ordered a wrong pizza which turns out it had a specificingredient I’m allergic to and when I call asking for a replacement or refund they put me on hold as I waited for 5 minutesthe person on the phone said my manger said it’s your fault and not really our problem if you want a other pizza you need topay it separately. Even though I respectfully explain my allergies to it they said it’s my fault. Even though it’s a bigwell known pizza store they refuse to help me and they have a very clunky website with a horrible interface. Read more

Mike Vaspory 1 year ago

Absolutely love the chicken parm sandwich from you guys, fair prices and great customer service. I try to pick up my order most... of the time because I know you guys are really busy, and that's a good thing, but when I get my order delivered every now andthen it takes really long. for sure will be back Read more

Nikki Amico 1 year ago

Had a less then pleasant experience the other night ordering dinner. We ordered online which said it was 50 minutes for... delivery. I get a call after 1 hour that my order was never received so they just saw it and were working on it now. It wasdelivered with a very uncaring “sorry about that”. I asked how long it would be as I had hungry kids waiting for dinner andthey said 30. Another entire hour passes and the food finally gets here. No sorry, no anything. They just dropped my food offand left. Things happen, I understand. But they honestly seemed like they couldn’t careless that my family and I waited over 2hours for food. It’s really sad cause this is a place we frequent often, but it seems the customer doesn’t matter to them. Read more

Mel Call 2 years ago

They have very good food here and are professional. The reason for the 4 stars is bc I was not happy at all with my last order.... I got a simple grilled buffalo chicken wrap. It was so soggy that I ended up just eating the rest with a fork. Read more

Name Changed 2 years ago

My experience with this place has been good but last time I order some fries from them and it wasn’t even filled up like... it’s supposed to. As u can see half of the fries are missing. This has happened multiple times. If you order fries just beprepared to only get half of your order. No disrespect to this place but this has happened so many times that I just had to takea picture and post it. Read more

Pj Maz 2 years ago

Excellent selection on specialty pizzas, great sandwiches & food overall. Friendly staff, with very fast service even tho they... are mostly always busy. Professional business, I would definitely recommend pizza mania to anyone. Read more