Reviews for Subway in Glendale, CA

Tehmine Poghosyan 1 year ago

Just got 2 foot long, had great service generous with the sauce.

Alan Garibay 1 year ago

Got two footlongs and they Didn't heat up the food steak was cold and spicy Italian made my sister sick the sandwich makers were... all coughing and sneezing still making sandwiches 7-22-22 went after 1pm Read more

Alejandro David Dumas 1 year ago

The service was okay. The dining, windows, and soda fountain were all very dirty. You have 2 employees yet it looks unkept.

Nick Harutyunyan 2 years ago

This is my worst experience with subway At this location. There is a shift off employees that are never following the... instructions and making whatever they want to. They are making Footlong PRO absolute the same as the regular. And adding anjalapeño as much as they want too. Read more

Vanessa Asmussen 2 years ago

Don?t get any kind of delivery from this location if you want your order to be correct. Every time I?ve gotten a door dash from... them, something is ALWAYS missing or incorrect. They must not be able to handle the accuracy of an order unless you?re watchingthem prepare it in person. Read more

Mia Isabelle Mastopietro 2 years ago

Just went here today and her name is Rubi ! She?s obnoxious! Can?t treat a customer right ! I bought a sandwich it was a simple... tuna sandwich! And tuna didn?t taste right so I told her I don?t want any money ! Just give a different meat that tasted right! And then I ordered a chicken breast but then she made the sandwich not eatable bec she made it really spicy ! This place isa joke ! Don?t eat here ! They won?t treat you right ! Read more

Gus Calderon 2 years ago

As I was telling the employee what I wanted on my sandwich, it felt like she was on a race. I asked for Heavy lettuce and she... just sprinkled a little lettuce knowing I asked for Heavy lettuce. Again, I asked for Heavy lettuce and again she sprinkled alittle lettuce. What is with these games? Seemed like she could read my mind, but she can't. I asked for half the sandwich withHoney mustard and she began to wrap the other half. I told her that the other half wanted a different dressing. It was like arace to finish the sandwich. She said, That is all she was going to add lettuce sandwich. Sprinkle of lettuce. Another employeethat shouldn't be working in Customer Service but in an assembly line in a factory. Racing to get the job done. Read more

Taylor Florian 6 years ago

I'm rating this relative to other Subways. It is what it is, you're getting lots of preservatives and stuff for a customized,... reasonably affordable sandwich. Has a bathroom, decent available seating. Staff wasn't rude, but also not particularlypersonable either. Read more