Reviews for Subway in Glenwood, IA

Jordyn Hughes 1 year ago

It's been a great place to eat, up until tonight. There was a young teenage boy working, I asked for mayo on my sandwich, I... swear half of the bottle had to have squirted out in the first bite of my sandwich. I had to take a large table spoon and scrapethe mayo off of my sandwhich. Then theres the other side of the sandwhich, with next to no mayo at all. To top this all off, hecouldn't say a single thing with a smile on his face or without attitude. And I'm being literal when I say every word that camefrom his mouth had attitude Read more

C j 1 year ago

Good fast subs at an ok price. The new subs are especially tasty.

Astro Jetson 1 year ago

For not having many choices to eat in little town of Glenwood if you want a good sandwich this is your spot price is a bit high... but for good quality food you will have to pay for it this isn't fast food but they do make the sandwiches quick and greatservice Read more

cherry parker 1 year ago

Have food allergies and lady very rude but the young man very polite

Theresa Weis 1 year ago

The girl that made my sandwich was not listening to me because she put yellow peppers and spinach on my sandwich that I had... previously asked not to be added. Read more

M bennett 2 years ago

Today was fine but the other day the gentleman told me my points was added and they were not,should tell the truth to customers.

Jay Anderson 2 years ago

This subway crew is awesome. They're always very friendly and fast. I tip every time because they absolutely deserve it.

Ezra Aronoff 3 years ago

Clean. Workers were fast and effecient and the subs were made right. Only problem was the workers were not very kind. Attitudes... when i asked for extra sauce and veggies. Seemed like they didn't want to be there. Read more