Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Gore, OK

TheSolitaryOwl 1 year ago

They often take forever to serve you, but that's not what I'm complaining about right now. The last two times I've had food from... this location, it made my stomach so sick. Last night I was close to vomiting after eating their food. My wife also had some andshe felt the same way. Do not order from here!! Their food is no good, poisonous! Read more

Laura Downing 1 year ago

Ordered ahead online at 9:16 pm, my food was finally brought out after I called them at 9:44. Fries are cold and hard. Burger is... cold. This place isn't busy; I see why. Read more

Dosha Parish 1 year ago

The 4 times I've been here since living in Gore for a month and a half they've not had onion rings, as if the employees are to... lazy to make them. Read more

Joe Adams 1 year ago

Most mannered and polite and respectful sonic staff iv ever been around. Best in Oklahoma so far.

Nicole Six 1 year ago

TERRIBLE service. Took FOREVER. Had to call back and tell them we were still waiting. All we ordered were 4 drinks. We were... given the excuse that it was taken to the wrong car. There are stall numbers for a reason. Read more

Judy Shade 1 year ago

I thought customer service was real good. Our order was prepared on a timely manner and the workers were very friendly and... polite. Highly recommend. Read more

Jordan Webb 2 years ago

We eat here just about once every week and it is always great. Food is hot and fresh(can?t say that for all other Sonic?s in... this area). Also Eddie is the best I?ve ever seen on taking orders, never interrupts and gets it right every time. Sonic needsto have him teach every employee how to take orders. Very well ran establishment and I would recommend it to anyone anytime. Read more

Kelly L. Denson 2 years ago

After waiting to order drinks in the drive thru for nearly 10 mins without being acknowledged we decided to order food as well... so we pulled to a parking spot and pressed the button. 15 mins later the box clicked on and immediately off. our button wasreset. We pressed the button again and waited another 10 mins or so before someone finally answered. He took our order of twowaky packs, a sausage burrito, and a drink. We paid using our card at the kiosk then waited for our food. The carhop finallycomes out with the food and one of the drink sizes was wrong. We told him so and he argued stating "that's what's on theticket." He finally goes back to remake the drink taking the entire order with him. Several minutes later a different car hopcomes out with what we presume is the right order telling us it will be $16 and some change. We tell we've already paid. Hestated it was refunded and it would be 2-7 business days for it to get back on the card. The burrito had no sausage and thegrilled cheese looked and tasted like it had been microwaved and the wacky packs have no toy. We've given our sonic the last ofour business. We recommend miss Mary's mercantile. For about the same price the food would have been right and delicious! Read more