Reviews for McDonald's in Granby, CO

Cassie E 1 year ago

This is actually one of the best McDonald's I've been to. Food was hot and fresh both times I went while visiting this town.... They serve breakfast til 11, it's a life saver. Read more

CD 303 1 year ago

I bought a chicken sandwich from here about 8 months ago and got food poisoning. Was throwing up within about 30mins of eating.... Haven't been back since. My 3 year old son ate a happy meal from here at a birthday party a few days ago and threw up a fewtimes. I'm assuming it was food poisoning because once he got it out of his system he was fine. Its unfortunate because we don'thave many options up here and even less if you don't want to get sick. Read more

Brian Cadieux 1 year ago

Slowest drive through I have seen. Obviously could had been a big order or something. Fries and coke were fine.

Rav Ric 1 year ago

Glancing through the drive up window, the place didn't seem sanitary. Of course I can't be sure this was the source, but very... shortly after eating food from here I was sick for three days. Read more

Polina Woolbright 1 year ago

Just gives you an idea how clean it is. Also I am wondering is it employees hair or not?! Half of the employees have extra long... dreads that they are touching constantly. Do they wash their hands after it before serve you food? Unacceptable Read more

Henchick Harrigan 1 year ago

Had a good experience here. The food was as expected and came out fast and the service was friendly. Most importantly, in a... lakeside town they actually have a drive-thru large enough for boat trailers. Thumbs up. Read more

George Kellogg 2 years ago

Advertises the three dollar mcdouble bundle, refuses to sell it. It?s cheaper to eat at any restaurant in town for the same... exact food that is better quality. Got my order wrong, gave me cold food. The whole point of eating at McDonald?s is that it?scheap fast and easy. Read more

Pineapple_Coconuts 2 years ago

Dont go here unless you want hair in your food. I was very respectful to the cashier and im the one who walked away with HAIR in... my food !!!! They didnt even try to hide the fact that they did that !!! Im obviously someone who has a pixie curly haircut anddont have straight caucasian hair. !!! I need to report this to corporate. I can only imagin what else they are doing to peoplesfood for no reason. It was literally embedded in the cheese, not just happen to "float" off someones head. Read more