Reviews for Westfield Country Store in Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

Nick 1 year ago

Classic breakfast spot. Nice, cozy spot with good classic breakfast items.

Alain Baxter 1 year ago

I?ve been here a few times when visiting my folks and it?s always a treat! Great place to sit and enjoy the food at a quiet pace... and just chat and catch-up with the locals. I tend to judge the quality of the food on how they make a standard club sandwichand they hit this out of the park! Delicious! REAL chicken! ???? Read more

Sylvain Pedneault 2 years ago

Good Stop! Really great place and people! Thank you in advance for the breakfast tomorrow ?? morning! ????... ???????????Reb

Dyleup?s Workshop 2 years ago

Had the Eateryized chicken burger and it was phenomenal! Food isn?t this good just by accident, that was perfectly crafted. I... have never had a chicken burger that good before. Cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Happy and friendly staff. Cannot recommendhighly enough and can?t wait to go back. Read more

Ave welder 2 years ago

Owner is a real Gem. They've done a lot to try and keep things going during the covid slow down I must have altered the menu... keep the restaurant open near round.. I would definitely recommend coming here once or twice a month. Read more

Robert Moore 2 years ago

Great service! And knows importance of lots syrup

James Sutherland 2 years ago

This used to be one of our favorite places to take the family. Unfortunately they have raised the prices, and though the food is... still good, the increased prices and reduced portion sizes will keep us away. I?ll give it 3 stars because the food is stillreally good, but they have no reasonably priced kids meals so we won?t be back. Read more

Wayne Murphy 4 years ago

Great service and terrific food. Great place for meals or just a few snacks