Reviews for Backstreet Steakhouse in Grand Lake, CO

Theresa Hoeck 2 years ago

From the outside it looks wonderful! The inside has several old Wurlitzer jukeboxes. The ambiance is very nice. Our waiter had a... "nose in the air" attitude! We had water to drink. We ordered adult mac and cheese with bow tie pasta. I added grilled chickento mine and my hubby added blackened tuna to his. That was the most disgusting mac and cheese we have ever tasted! liquid goldout of a box tastes better than that and the cook must not know how to make cheese sauce because it looked like he squirtedcheese on top of it the chicken was dry and hard and his blackened tuna wasn't really blackened and there were four tiny piecesof tuna on his plate, now we also ordered a twice baked potato that was absolutely delicious!!!! and we would have much rathereaten three or four of those! Our bill....$45!!!???? Needless to say we won't be going back. Read more

The HOOMstead 2 years ago

We had an incredible meal here after playing in the mountains all day! The prime rib was mouth watering and everyone of our 13... guests loved their food. I cannot recommend this place enough. Read more

David Janitor 2 years ago

Reservations made on 6/16/21 for dinner for 6/26/21. Received a phone call today, 6/23/21, stating the Restaurant was closed for... a wedding on 6/26/21. So you didn?t know until today that you were hosting a wedding? Or was it more profitable to close yourrestaurant for a last minute wedding? The last time we had a large party here for dinner we missed the start of our play due topoor service! Read more

Ann Sikes 2 years ago

Last weekend was our 2nd time there First time 2 years agowas great, but this time not so much. Ribeye was very tough and had to... ask for butter and sour cream for baked potato. Prime rib wasn't that great either. Should be a lot better for what it costs. Read more

Mateo V 3 years ago

Food was great and atmosphere was incredible. Roaring River made perfect backdrop to an amazing meal. Friendly staff and... reasonable price made this restaurant a pleasant destination. Thank you Marjorie for the tip! Read more

detroitr 4 years ago

We ate here a couple times and both times it was excellent. I had the trout with green beans and rice and ate every bite. They... don't always do take out because they can get too busy, but all is forgiven. I would definitely eat there again. Read more

Saif Al 4 years ago

Food is not bad but don?t fall for the u limited shrimp. It takes around 00:30 min for each time your request 4 shrimps. Good if... that... Read more

Brian Ruddick 5 years ago

The main course was decent, fair sized portions and an slightly higher price for the area. The issue came with dessert. My... wife and I ordered the creme brûlée, one of our favorites. What arrived was a warm custard with some sugar on top. We wereadvised they had run out of butane for their torch and had to attempt to broil it to finish the dish. I understand the desireto serve what?s on the menu, but at a certain point the well trained owner should realize that what was on the menu and what wereceived are completely different. This disappointment on top of service that was slightly aloof made for an experience wewould not like to repeat. Read more