Reviews for Arby's in Grand Rapids, MN

Matthew Reigel 1 year ago

The food doesn't taste as good as it once did the sizes are a lot smaller but isn't everything nowadays so much change but... overall still the best price and a really good place for mozzarella sticks on the go Read more

Rick Hable 1 year ago

Service was fast, the young man was polite and the mozzarella sticks are amazing

Ryan Brandstrom 1 year ago

Delicious food and friendly staff. Whole family left happy and full

Nevaeh Mutchler 1 year ago

Me and my family went there some of the food was cold when we got it and the waitress was rude when we left she started crying... and complaining to my grandfather for a tip saying I you didn?t leave one did I do something wrong and ect Read more

Gman17 1 year ago

Food quality is usually good, but the quantity of meat has dropped off to the point where it's not worth buying. You keep... asking negative reviewers to leave additional feedback. Fix the problems and we wouldn't have to be asked to leave additionalcomments. Read more

Denisa Shellito 1 year ago

First and last time ever going to this Arby's. I should've listened to my parents after they had a bad experience just ordering... at the drive thru which made them leave without getting their food. My family ordered $30 worth of food today and some was okaybut I found a bug floating in one of our lemonades and was completely grossed out. I went up to the drive thru window and askedfor a refund for all of our drinks because I don't know what could have been in any of the other ones. I was met with a rudeattitude and the guy who processed the refund said he wasn't able to give me a receipt I could keep as proof. Don't go here ifyou want peace of mind that your food is handled in a clean place. Read more

Nicholas Shellito 1 year ago

My wife, my kids and I went through the drive thru. We got our order and my wife found A DEAD BUG INSIDE HER DRINK!!! When my... wife went to go do something about it the guy was so rude, basically saying she can take a hike and doing anything to not giveus a refund on the drink or any of the other drinks we wouldn't want to drink. It wasn't even like we were asking for a fullrefund, just the drinks! I wonder if they would pass a health inspection. Certainly need to train their employees how to treattheir customers right. Probably dead bugs all over inside there. And who knows what else? Never coming back. Read more

Zeb Hemsworth 4 years ago

Love Arby's and their happy hour is good. Was pretty disappointed though in how gross and unclean it was in the dining area. ... Didn't get a pic of all the trash swept under the condiment counter. Couple of the sliders were cold and made ahead, not fresh. Had some very good food also with pretty friendly service. Just wonder how clean the kitchen is if dining area is notthoroughly cleaned? Shake machine was down. Read more