Reviews for Domino's Pizza in Grand Rapids, MN

Brian Wilde 1 year ago

Update Dec 2022: Lowering my rating to 3 stars from 5. Quality of orders I and my wife have received are well under expectations... in the past ~6 moths. Calls and online feedback have been provided, and while in every case we were given a free pizza credit orthe item was remade, the quality issues persist. Tonight's order had miscut slices, was very light on toppings, and had next tono sauce on it. Past orders have also had light toppings or missing toppings. One time, I ordered parm bites and cinni twistsand what I got were the baked bread parts without any sauce or parm/cinnimon coating on them. What?? Hopefully these issues canbe turned around. I understand the difficulties near every business is having with staffing, however, quality should not degradethis far to prompt me to update a 5-star review from 3 or so years ago. Original review (with corrected typo): Yes, you CANjust walk in and buy a 2-liter of pop... Read more

Becky Jones 1 year ago

Tried calling several times to order delivery. Says it's open, no one answered the phone. I called 3 times. What a joke

Mitch Buchanan 1 year ago

We called at 8:06pm to place a delivery, the guy acted like he couldn?t hear us so we had to hangup, called again. Some chick... answered. Said they were CLOSED when the online says 12am they close and 11pm delivery stops. Plus we just saw a dominos carleave our area so we know they are open, but she repeated saying ?we are closed? in the most rudest tone. I rate this junk a1/10 would not recommend to ANYONE!!! go to Hibbing domino?s if you want, because at least there, they stick to their hours.Instead of closing when the workers are ?tired? of their job Read more

Taylor Palkki 1 year ago

I?m actually in store while writing this? not a single one of the workers are wearing gloves while touching food. Touching... frozen chicken, raw dough, pizzas, boxes, cooler door, ovens. Not once have I seen any of them wash their hands or put gloveson. Pretty unsanitary Read more

hikerinmn heiker 1 year ago

I love Domino?s. We always order carry-out online and pizza is done in 10-15 minutes. Always hot and fresh ingredients. We... have started a weekly tradition of dinner every Sunday with my parents and pizza works great. ???? Read more

Jade Citron 2 years ago

I'm not sure why but a week or two ago I called on a Wednesday and some female worker said you were closed!! Lol it was 6pm?? I... worked at dominos before and I've never ever heard or seen one close that early on a week day. It was a little rediculous. Wentand got food else where butttt I think the manager should probably be around more to watch the workers and make sure they dotheir job. Read more

Amber Shepherd 2 years ago

I just got pizza from you guys and it had no sauce on my pizza. I did not order cheese bread with pepperoni. Why can't I just... get good food in this dang town. Plus the delivery drive told me it's a holiday for him (420) because he has medical cannabis.So the driver we high. Read more

David Soliz 2 years ago

Ordered wings and got this. Had to add my own sauce from home because they put such a small amount of sauce on these tiny little... dry things. Requested jalapeños on half the pizza, I wish I took a picture of that too because it had 8 jalapeños on it. Youguys are better than this Read more