Reviews for Clear Lake Grill in Grass Lake, MI

Renée Leonard (Wendy) 1 year ago

Edit... Let's keep this little gem of a diner in our community! Stop in, even if it just for an excellent dessert, appetizer or... one of many adult beverages! Original.... Always great food, excellent service and awesome employees! Family loves to eat herewhenever we get a chance and they're 'kid-friendly', as well! Perfect gathering spot between AA and Jackson areas (just off exit153 on I-94)... with a menu full of choices, including appetizers, lunch, dinner, desserts and much more! Even the most finickyeaters will find something delicious to eat... or drink! Of course, I have to mention their significant adult beverage options!Beer, liquor, wine AND excellent cocktails! Haven't had a bad experience since they've opened! Great atmosphere that you won'tregret trying out! When you go, get the peanut butter pie. Homemade and out of this world! Read more

Victoria Wright 1 year ago

I would give zero stars if I could. The waitress wiped stuff off the floor and then did not wash her hands and served us food.... We waited five minutes for the manager. When I tried to address this with the manager, she simply asked us if we would like ourbill. I only wanted replacements for what she had just brought us after not watching her hands. When the manager brought thebill, she said the waitress used a napkin as if that would justify not washing her hands. 3 of the 4 of my group did not eattheir food and the manager who is also the owner refused to take off their food with the exception of one burger. Our drinkswere never refilled. The manager leaned across the counter into my friends face. We went back in to get a copy of our receiptand the manager said that she 'felt like we were just trying to get a free meal' before she walked up to the table. We left allof our food except my chicken strips on the table. The owner was a serious disgrace and definitely made a name for herself. Ihonestly can't understand how this place has so many good reviews. Don't eat here if you're from out of town. Read more

Rusty 1 year ago

What a great little spot. They've been here for some time now and have really dialed in their menu items. Great specials,... always worth checking out. Staff is kind and proficient. This place is either a ghost town or packed to the brim. Best freshsalads around, seriously. Not the typical sad pizza place salad, these are fresh and green and they don't skimp on the goodstuff! I do wish the onion rings would be more consistent, and that for the pizza they'd use actual whole sliced mushrooms notthat sprinkling of mushroom bits and pieces. Besides that everything is great and I'd recommend a visit if you're hungry in thearea. Read more

Krystle Clark 1 year ago

My family and I on a road trip and we stopped here to try somewhere new not just your usual pizza or chain fast food place and... we were NOT disappointed!!! Don?t PASS this small locally owned place up!! It was PERFECT! Food was very yummy. We got 2different pizzas and 2 different appetizers and all were delicious! Waitress (Deniece) was seriously one of the best we?ve everhad. She was super friendly and genuinely friendly not your fake nice just want a tip type! This place had walk up window forcarry out and it was constantly busy! We obviously looked like out of towners and a person greeted us when walked in and eventhough they were busy waitress was still on top of everything and everyone was friendly! Read more

Jason Clark 1 year ago

We were traveling along 94 and found this place. Great food and service. Don't drive by if traveling

Sami Sankey 2 years ago

The best local restaurant around ????My kids love it here and so do I! Always so pleased with the service and the taste!

Sarah Munger 2 years ago

Best pizza around! We loved the BBQ chicken pizza, but will be back to try the others! Also, they have amazing desserts...... highly recommend the Peanut Butter Pie or the Brownie Sundae! Unfortunately, they didn't have any more Apple Cobbler; it sellsout fast! Read more

Bill Roth 2 years ago

My favorite places to visit for a meal. Mom n Pop local diner with great atmosphere and food. Just 1 minute off the interstate.... Has a good variety of drinks and food to satisfy most anyone. Read more