Reviews for Bulldog Pub & Grub in Greeley, CO

Karelly Arroyo 1 year ago

Good food! Unfortunately our order was delayed about an hour but the server was kind and took care of some of our drinks as an... apology. The decor is very unique and cool! I do wish they had a larger variety of beer selection. Would likely return. Read more

Mike Hayes 1 year ago

I have walked through the hallowed doors of Bulldogs since the mascot was a wee little puppy. I've seen it change in design,... layout, food, and even owners. Yet I still keep coming back to this establishment. If you've read my other reviews, you'd knowI'm quite the critic... I truly enjoy coming here and sitting peacefully without the crazy hustle that those chain places have.So if you have 20 mins to spare, I suggest you come down to Bulldogs for a pizza or a sandwich. Maybe even a beer or two! Read more

Chelsea Vaughn 1 year ago

It was our first time here, and it was a very cool little place. Our son loved the Lego displays and other memorabilia. We... went during lunch hours, and you don't get table service. We ordered a club sandwich and a French dip, with a side of potatosalad. As much as they charge, I would expect the potato salad to be homemade. But it's your standard food service quality. Asfor the sandwiches, we honestly weren't that impressed. The ingredients were fresh, but both sandwiches lacked flavor. If wereturn, we would try the pizza. Read more

j b 1 year ago

This is a cool Pub! Very eclecticly decorated with lots of Star Wars and super hero's. I had the Itallian Sub. It was... good....the bread was very soft! Since they do pizzas, if I got it again, I may ask them to toast the bread, meat andcheese....I think it would have been awesome hot and toasty! My boyfriend got some chicken sandwich, I dont know what itwas...it was pressed like a panini. He liked it. I think the sando's with a side salad was 13$... I want to go back and trythe pizza. Read more

Kendra Chandler 1 year ago

I absolutely love this company. I work in the industry and the way they operate and fought through these last couple years makes... me so proud to be in the same industry. I?ve ordered sandwiches before and they were phenomenal, but tonight we bought pizzasfor a family party and I was incredibly under impressed. Good local pizza is my passion and I unfortunately think you shouldstick to the rest of your menu. The vibe and staff are super laid back and something you don?t find often! Read more

Wendy Sellers 1 year ago

Staff was friendly food was good. FYI - They do not have wait service in the dining room, order at the door and they bring it to... your table (unless you're at the bar). The decor is geeky-fun. Read more

C. M. 1 year ago

I went here for a quick bite to eat and beer, while waiting on a friend. I had never been to this town and searched for a bar... nearby. I have to say that I was floored by the sheer amount of comic book and Star Wars memorabilia that decorated every nookand cranny of this fine establishment!! I wasn't able to ask the bartender on shift about who procured this amazing collectionof cinematic and comic book iconography. The place was busy as heck as it was St. Patrick's Day, Irish revelry, celebration andproclamation was very evident in the air. Despite the singing and commotion between the patrons amongst themselves and with the2 bartenders; I could tell that this was the Cheers of this town. The environment was very friendly, open and welcoming. Iordered a salad and mozzarella sticks to satiate my appetite. Both of which were very good and I wouldn't even label bar food.The kitchen was an actual kitchen that prepares food orders from open to close. The beer selection wasn't large, but what theydid have in stock was well chosen. I would definitely recommend this tucked treasure trove and will make another trek back inthe future, although it's anywhere but close to home. Read more

Landon Jack 2 years ago

Staff is great, atmosphere is great but low rating for the sandwich, "best Reuben in town" without meat. Wished I could rate... higher. Come for the appetizers and atmosphere, leave to somewhere else for a meal. Ha ha. Facetious management reply downbelow contributes to poor quality. Regardless of their weight distribution claim on the sandwich. Poor execution. Read more