Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill in Greeley, CO

Anthony 1 year ago

Never again? Ordered a mobile order and of course some bummy Greeley local just walks in and takes the order, I ask the front... about it and they said it happens super often.. They really got bums walking in and taking food and leaving. Of course I get theshort end of the stick and have to wait another 20 minutes for them to make it while only being offered a ?water cup?. I willnever return to this pathetic location. Read more

Anthony Torres 1 year ago

I ordered online through the app. I ordered guacamole and somehow they forgot to put it on. Also the place could have been... cleaner. The order was ready on time when I got there. The employees were friendly. Read more

Maggie Martinez 1 year ago

Great place! Love to go here all the time, easy to keep my order custom with no problems, people are friendly and good service.

Keara Wenck 1 year ago

Apparently this location only cannot put anything on ur quesadilla but cheese and meat? and they insisted it was company policy... to ball up the quesadilla like you crumple a piece of paper, not just fold the tortilla in half? I?m vegetarian and I haveALWAYS gotten pinto beans and pico on my ?dilla from chipotle? but for some reason this location refused to do so, and my onlyoption was a balled up lump of cheese in a tortilla. Yum. Read more

Casey Surlow 1 year ago

My husband and I eat Chipotle often, and I can say without a doubt this Chipotle is my favorite! As someone who has food... restrictions being able to go somewhere I know that I can eat is such a blessing. Their portion sizes are perfect and I'm alwaysamazed at their quality! I've never had to worry about a wrong order from them. Good job guys!! Read more

jose olivas 1 year ago

Eveytime I come in here it's a pleasant experience. My wife has celiac disease and this fine staff takes such good care of her... dietary needs. I know sometimes it's a pain in the butt however I rarely if ever get any attitude about all the work they haveto do to prepare the food for us. So thank you Chipotle on 8th Ave in Greeley, CO - Sincerely your (not so favorite) glutenallergy couple :^) Read more

Chardonnay Rozyc 1 year ago

We came in complaining about our experience at Qdoba from the day before, and the employees made the extra effort to make our... visit the "better" choice. We definitely felt valued as customers. Great food and great team! Read more

Donovan Martinez 2 years ago

Ordered online for pickup and got there a good 10-15 minutes after the pickup time. Our order wasn't even made yet so had to... wait even longer. Once we got our food it was pretty much just rice and everything else was rationed like they ran out of foodor something. All rice barely any chicken and everything else, kinda ridiculous that I even paid money for it. This is thesecond experience like this at a chipotle, and hopefully they raise there standards by time I visit again. Read more