Reviews for Sushi One in Greeley, CO

tim jones 1 year ago

Spicy garlic edamame, steamed pork gyoza, tuna sashimi, fatty salmon sashimi, albacore sashimi, superman burrito, rattlesnake... roll, unagi bomb, yellowtail maki, tuna maki, miso soup, and water. The service was amazing and the food is the best sushi Ihave had in the year I have been in NoCo. 100% recommend this place to anyone that loves sushi, friendly service, and a cozyatmosphere. Will be back many more times for sure! Read more

Amy Bachman 1 year ago

We chose Sushi One for take out tonight and man, we loved it all. We had the Cajun Shrimp roll, Hawaiian Roll, Japanese Lasagna... roll and Mango Tango roll, with soup and salad. Amazingly delicious! Staff was friendly and appreciative of our business. Wewill absolutely be back! Read more

Francesca Row 1 year ago

Usually the food here is excellent. Sushi was mediocre and the salad was swimming in dressing(literally). Ordered a dessert... first and received 4 rolls the size of Vienna sausages stuffed with bananas. Three heaping scoops of ice cream topped withfreezer burned berries. It will definitely be a awhile before we return after paying $100 for a not so great meal! Read more

Amanda E. McCosh 1 year ago

My husband says it's the best sushi in town. I really like the Tereyaki Chicken. Service was good, the Mai Tai is delicious if... a little light on alcohol. Would recommend. Read more

j b 1 year ago

I liked the food here....but GD....its expensive! My service was a bit confused....my server was training someone so you would... think with 2 people it would be very attentive...they were being over worked though so they were spread a bit thin. Therestaurant was very busy. Everything tasted good...and looked nice....but for my taste, they used a bit too many garnishes thateven know are edible, people just dont eat...that drives the prices up...fancy flowers, dried lime slices, lettucegarnishes....just overboard... Like many sushi places these days...besides the vegetarian rolls, they dont offer many optionsthat dint have expensive crab and shrimp in it....I believe places so this to raise prices, but for people like me who isallergic to shellfish, it makes ordering frustrating. Example...the section for Unagi based rolls I believe there was 6options...now being unagi based that's what you might expect ..5 of the 6 had crab or shrimps in it. The fish based sectionwere the same.... Please get some creativity without using shrimp and crab... Read more

Janet Ilo 2 years ago

I give them a 3 because Iwaited more than an hour to get MY order while everyone got there's. This is on the person who prepared... our food. I remember his face and I'll make sure he doesnt prepare our food. The owner drop by, apologized and gave us a giftcertificate for the trouble. Other than that, the food presentation and flavore was on point! Even better than home! Read more

Andrew Kolb 2 years ago

Excellent service and amazing fresh flavors. My daughter and I had four types of sushi. Each one was more delicious than the... last. Prepared with a side of ginger to clean our palettes. I found that the staff here was attentive and had great menuknowledge. I will return. Read more

MJ Journey 2 years ago

A genuine scam. We had high hopes for this place and was sincerely disappointed. First: Why only offer six gluten free rolls... when more than half of the menu can easily be adjusted to accommodate? (Coming from a sushi chef). Second: Why charge $8 for aTHINLY sliced piece of salmon the size of the thin chip? I?ve also live in middle of nowhere OHIO AND HAD BETTER SUSHI THANTHIS! Whoever owns this store, and the sushi chef who made our food, should not be allowed to work in the business. What adisgrace. I would have asked for compensation for a horrible time gone wrong but we also waited half an hour for our food tocome out. It?s raw fish, not a cooked meal. Why 30 minutes or more? Sad. Never coming back and letting everyone else know thatthis is a true scam. Prove me wrong, or see your business close it?s doors in the next year. Read more